Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) (6 Pack)

Course Summary:

This course provides training to mariners seeking an Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels license for either Inland or Near Coastal Waters.

Course Length:

6 Days (54 Hours)

Class Size:

16 Students

Pre-Registration is Required




This course is principally intended for candidates for licensing as OUPV on Great Lakes, Inland and / or Near Coastal waters.  This course will also be of value to others operating vessels on the water who may not be seeking U.S. Coast Guard licenses, or whose experience is not up to the minimum requirements established under ideal conditions.  Because of this, entry standards can be adjusted to suit the particular circumstances.  In most cases, the students for each course will normally have backgrounds that meet or exceed the ideal entry standard requirements stated above. Students must also be able to read, write, and speak the English language as wells as perform basic math functions. Students must meet the citizenship requirements listed in 46 CFR 10.221.

Course Details:

This course provides training to mariners who meet the sea time requirements for OUPV upon Great Lakes, Inland and/or Near Coastal waters as specified in 46 CFR Part 10 and desire a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine license. The course provides students with classroom instruction covering the examination topics listed in 46 CFR 11.910, Table 2 11.910.


90% on the Rules of the Road examination, a 70% on the Chart Plotting, Navigation General, and Deck General, Safety, and Environmental Protection examinations.