Train The Trainer

Train the Trainer

Course Summary:

This course is designed to facilitate the delivery of training in the competence standards required by STCW and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This course is equally suitable for those responsible for the conduct of various other courses. Its aim is to provide a useful introduction for those with limited teaching experience and introduce new approaches or serve as a reminder of skills and techniques for those who have been teaching for some time.

The main part of the course deals with the techniques of training and the particular responsibilities of trainers.  This involves conventional teaching and training methods, participating in training techniques, making presentations and using audio-visual presentation.

Course Length:

4 Days

Class Size:

8 Students

Pre-Registration is Required




Trainees wishing to deliver training in the competence standards of STCW and CFR should already have the necessary technical knowledge and be qualified in the task for which training is to be conducted. This course assumes that the trainees are appropriately qualified in the technical aspects of their subjects. Students are expected to be able to read and speak English. Students must meet the citizenship requirements listed in 46 CFR 10.221.

Course Details:

After taking the course, trainees should meet requirements to plan and prepare effective teaching and instruction, the selection of appropriate methods of instruction and teaching materials, and the evaluation of the teaching and learning process.

Register for upcoming classes:

There are no classes currently scheduled.

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