Proficiency in Survival Craft (Limited)

Course Summary:

This course provides classroom and practical training to mariners who wish to obtain an endorsement as Lifeboatman Limited/PSC – limited to vessels not equipped with lifeboats.

Course Length:

3 Days

Class Size:

20 Students

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Course Details:

This course covers the training requirements and assessmentguidelines contained in NVIC 04-14 is structured to satisfy the United StatesCoast Guard requirements for an endorsement as “Proficiency in Survival Craftand Rescue Boats Other Than Lifeboats and Fast Rescue Boats” outlined in 46 CFR 12.409(b)(3).  This course also satisfies the STCW Code, asamended Table A – VI/2 – 1 Proficiency in Survival Craft, and STCW Table A -VI/2 – 1 Rescue Boats, other than fast rescue boats including the followingtask numbers:

1.1A, 1.2A, 1.3A, 1.3B, 1.3C, 1.3D, 1.4A, 1.4B, 1.4C, 1.5B,1.6A, 1.7A, 1.7B, 1.7C, 1.7D, 1.7E, 1.8A, 1.9A, 2.1B, 3.3A, 3.4A, 3.5A, 3.6A,3.7A, 3.8A, 4.1A, 4.1B, 4.2A.
The course covers the following topics:

  • Principles of Survival at Sea
  • The SOLAS Convention
  • General Lifesaving
  • Emergency Situations
  • Vessel Evacuation and Abandon Ship Procedures
  • Search and Rescue
  • Lifesaving Rules and Regulations
  • First Aid Review
  • Inflatable Life Rafts
  • Rescue Boats
  • Practical Launching, Operation and Recovery of a SOLAS Rescue Boat


There is one written examination consisting of 25 questions that requires a minimum score of 70% and a practical assessment on-board the SOLAS rescue boat that is a pass/fail assessment.

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