License Prep (Unit 3.0)

Course Summary:

License Prep Unit 3 : During the 5-day License Preparation Unit 3 includes information found on:

Deck General

Deck Safety


Some of the topics include Marlinespike Seamanship, Block and Tackle, Nautical Terms and Construction, Anchoring, Trim and Stability (limited to basic stability found on Deck Safety examination), Vessel Handling, Maritime Law (CFR), Fire and Emergencies, Dew Point/Humidity, Cargo Loading, Broken Stowage, Advance and Transfer tables, Pub 102, Pub 117, Chemical Data Guide and more.


This license preparation should be taken after the Basic License Preparation or when you are prepared for most exams and want to focus on the Deck General / Safety examinations.

It will be necessary for students to continue home study and familiarize themselves with other information not included in this prep course but is included in these examinations.


Modules in this unit include:

Deck General

Q111, Q112, Q120, Q121, Q132, Q136, Q137, Q150, Q151, Q160, Q161, Q170, Q180, Q181, Q188, Q189, Q200, Q201, Q209, Q210, Q302, Q303, Q308, Q309, Q320, Q321, Q327, Q328, Q340, Q341, Q347, Q348, Q356, Q360, Q370, Q386, Q387, Q391, Q410, Q411, Q418, Q419, Q423, Q424

Course Length:

5 Days

Class starts at 9:00am

Class Size:

12 Students

Pre-Registration is Required



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