License Prep (Unit 1.5)


The 10-day License Preparation Unit 1.5 includes an in-depth review of material for Rules of the Road, Navigation Problems: Near Coastal and Navigation General examinations. Some topics include but are not limited to: Rules of the Road, ETA, Chronometer Error, Deviation Table Construction, Fuel Consumption, Speed of Advance, Mercator Sailing, Distance Off, Amplitude, Azimuth, Publications, Tides and Currents, Aids to Navigation, Hurricanes, Echo Principle, True Wind, and Weather. This training also includes a review of the applicable publications and how to use reference materials for these exams located in the testing room.


******* Tools are required (Rules of the Road Handbook, scientific calculator, compass, parallel ruler or triangle). If you do not already have tools, you may purchase a set upon arrival. 


Students will need to supplement the license preparation with continued home study of material presented as well as material found on these examinations not covered during this training. The pace of the course is based on student’s prior experience with the material covered in these modules.

Course Length:

10 Days

Class starts at 9:00am

Class Size:

6 Students

Pre-Registration is Required




Reading and writing in English.

Ability to learn basic and advanced math concepts.

Register for upcoming classes:

There are no classes currently scheduled.

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