License Prep (Basic)



The 5 day Basic License Preparation includes an in-depth review of material required in each testing module for an Inland License. During the instruction, you will receive training on each examination applicable to your testing requirements generally: Rules of the Road, Navigation Problems: Chart Plot, Navigation General, Deck General / Safety / Environmental Protection. Some topics include but are not limited to: Rules of the Road, Publications, Charts, Plotting techniques, Aids to Navigation, Tides and Currents, Weather, Marlinespike Seamanship, Nautical Terms and Construction, Trim and Stability, Communications, Vessel Handling, Maritime Law, Emergencies and many more. Training also includes a review of the applicable diagrams from the Merchant Marine Deck Illustration Examination book and how to use reference materials located in the testing room.

Essentially, the Basic License Preparation combined with studying at home would include most examination topics except Navigation Problems for Near Coastal / Oceans examinations and more advanced Deck General computations. We recommend our 5 day Advanced License Preparation for those taking examinations for Near Coastal / Oceans modules.

Course Length:

5 Days

Class starts at 9:00am

Class Size:

12 Students

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