License Prep (Advanced)


Course Summary:

During the 5 day Advanced License Preparation, focus will be geared toward the information required on the Navigation Problems for Near Coastal / Oceans examinations and more involved Deck General / Safety questions that involve formulas. Some of the topics include ETA, Fuel Consumption, Slip/Pitch, Deviation Table Construction, Sunrise/Sunset, Amplitude, Azimuth, Dew Point/Humidity, Cargo Loading, Broken Stowage, Lumber and many more. This license preparation should be taken after the Basic License Preparation or when you are prepared for most exams and want to focus on the Navigation Problems examination and topics focused on Deck General computations.

Course Length:

5 Days

Class starts at 9:00am

Class Size:

12 Students

Pre-Registration is Required


Mariner should have a basic understanding of examination topics prior to attending the advanced course.

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