Basic Training Refresher

Basic Training

This course will satisfy STCW renewal requirements for a mariner who cannot provide evidence of 360 days of seagoing service within the past five years.

Course Summary:

Any applicant who has successfully completed the Basic Safety Training Refresher (CMTIVA-68) course will satisfy the requirements of 46 CFR 11.202(b) for the minimum standard of competence for Basic Safety Training provided they have been previously certified per Section VI/1 of the STCW Code.

Course Length:

3 Days

Class Size:

12 Students

Pre-Registration is Required




Students entering this course should have attended STCW Basic Training within the previous five (5) years and possess a valid MMC. Students are expected to be able to read, speak, and communicate effectively in English.

Course Details:

The course will satisfy the requirements to provide evidence of having maintained the required standards of competence to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities listed in column 1 of tables A-VI/1-1 through A-VI/1-4 of STCW Annex 1, Chapter VI, Section A-VI/I, Paragraph 3.


A minimum passing score of 70% is required. Assessments: The personal survival competencies will be demonstrated in water and the basic fire fighting competencies will be demonstrated at the fire field.