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The “Driving” pleasure

System tray icon

Mouse wheel triggers the volume control

System-wide option to set a hotkey for mouse wheel

Windows only

Check out the last update on WheelsOfVolume [codeproject.com] and PC-Tools Wheel Speed Control [pc-tools.com].

A standard keyboard is only fitted with common buttons and no extra controls. Some are specialized in multimedia, with dedicated buttons for playback and volume, to easily add or cut off some decibels. On ease of access, applications like WheelsOfVolume want to make it easy for you to adjust system volume simply by using the mouse wheel.

Stays hidden until used
For the application to properly work, it needs to to be able to connect to the part of the system responsible for sound delivery. A simple, quick installation process takes care of this task, and you’re asked whether or not to start the application when it’s done.

There’s no main window, so don’t expect anything to pop on your desktop. By default, the application hides in the system tray, but there’s an option that makes sure it only runs as a service, without taking up any visual space at all.

This isn’t an issue, considering the tray icon only provides options to start or stop the service, and decide whether or not you want the application to start along with Windows. As the name suggests, the main function gives you the possibility to control system volume by scrolling.

Only triggered from the desktop
Doing so displays a progress indicator on your desktop, just so you know the level, and if it can be increased even more. Unfortunately, there’s only the default style, with no customization options whatsoever.

What’s more, this function can only be triggered if the desktop is the active space, because using the mouse wheel over any other area has no effect other than the default area function. It would have been useful to see at least an option to set a hotkey so the application can be used regardless of location.

A few last words
To sum it up, WheelsOfVolume is a pretty straightforward desktop enhancement, with a light set of features. Sadly, it’s main function is limited to desktop usage, meaning you always have to make the desktop visible to trigger it, becoming thus more time-consuming than conventional methods in some situations.

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Control system volume by scrolling the mouse wheel.The easy-to-use application enables you to control system volume just by scrolling the mouse wheel.
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WheelsOfVolume Crack +

An application that sends messages to the system, telling the system you want to adjust its volume. Best used on the desktop. It’s more user-friendly, as it doesn’t require interaction from you to trigger the volume adjustments.
The design of the application is simple, with just a progress bar to show that the application is up and running. In addition to that, there are only two options: start or stop the service.
What I like about it:
+ Simple
+ No need to use a mouse
+ Works on the desktop
What I don’t like about it:
– The usage of the taskbar
– The fact that it’s limited to desktop usage.
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What’s New in the WheelsOfVolume?

“WheelsOfVolume” is a system volume applet that utilizes the mouse scroll wheel to adjust PC volume levels. By holding the scroll wheel down on a Windows desktop the system volume will increase or decrease to your preferences.

Users will be able to quickly and easily adjust the PC volume level by using the Scroll Wheel.

The application provides a tray icon which gives a convenient and simple interface to control the PC volume.

System tray icon provides a convenient and simple interface to control the PC volume.

Windows 7 keyboard support:

All hail the new Windows 7 operating system and its yet-to-be-seen future changes. Following the release of the new OS, users of older PC hardware are in need of a device that will allow them to work with the new OS smoothly. Keyboard manufacturers have responded to this need, introducing a number of new devices designed to work with the new operating system. These include new keyboards, ergonomic keyboards and wireless keyboards.


Hibernate and sleep states

Traditionally, Windows computer systems offered “real” power management. If you’re about to be away from your PC for a long time, the system would turn off the hard drive and power down the system completely. This is great, because it’ll save your precious system power. However, when you’re about to come back to your PC, the system will boot itself up again, which takes a few minutes to complete.

Windows 7 “hibernates” the system, using your RAM (or Flash memory) to store the contents of your hard drive in a kind of “suspend to RAM” state. This allows you to boot into your computer again in seconds. The downside to this is that your computer shuts down from its hibernate state, which means your data is lost.

If you’re not planning to be gone from your computer for over 10 minutes, the OS is just fine for you. This is especially true if you have a PC with limited RAM and do not use Windows 7’s “fast” boot option, which will load the hibernate utility into your computer. However, the “power management” feature was developed for users who spend a lot of time on their machines, or for those with limited RAM.

USB keyboards

USB keyboard devices are one of

System Requirements:

Requires a 64-bit processor
64-bit compatible NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended for high graphics settings)
AMD Pro or better CPU (Intel Pentium 4 or better is recommended)
NVIDIA GeForce 6 or better series GPU
DirectX 10 (DX10) or higher
1 GB available hard drive space
1024 x 768 or higher resolution
Are you enjoying the demo? Have suggestions? Email us at (for questions, support, etc.) or message us on our


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