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Ernst & Young warns to brace for Greece as EU leaders prepare to dig deeper

International auditing and consulting firm Ernst & Young is warning its clients in Europe to prepare for Greece to leave the eurozone, which it predicts could happen in late June or early July.

“There are a number of uncertainties surrounding the composition of the European Union following the German elections and its impact on the EU governance,” Thilo Brodtmann, head of client service at Ernst & Young, said in an interview.

An exit by Greece from the eurozone would have repercussions for markets and businesses in Europe, who would be forced to take account of new rules and policies, he added.

Brodtmann said that the risk remains “that the German election will not produce a workable majority, and therefore the EU will not be able to agree an orderly exit package for Greece. We therefore continue to assume a disorderly exit of Greece from the euro.”

Ernst & Young has a dedicated tax practice in Germany, but the company is auditing or restructuring companies worldwide. Brodtmann said it had, for instance, revised the EU and US filings of U.S. companies.

“Since the last German Bundestag election, there was a significant shift in our European region,” Brodtmann said. “It is very possible that we will see the political situation in Germany change, and that there will not be a workable majority that will enable negotiations to move forward.”

Greece has in recent weeks been heading towards a fiscal bailout. The country needs to reach an agreement with its creditors by May 14 to secure a first €130 billion ($165.8 billion) tranche of bailout cash.

Germany had earlier rejected a bailout for Greece, saying it would not support a deal that did not meet its conditions.

The International Monetary Fund, meanwhile,

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