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SwisTrack is a free program designed to track the movement of a moving object in a visual servoing application. It is a natural complement to MATLAB-based visual servoing programs. The program is useful for mobile robots, insects and small animals. SwisTrack is a plug-in for GNU/LINUX or Windows, and works on the Visual Basic programming language.
SwisTrack has been used to track a wide range of objects for a variety of application:

Mobile robots
A surface vehicle to monitor a liquid container on a ship
Aircraft to control the position of a camera for a hyperspectral imager
Sheep to track and find sheep lost in the wood
Swarming insects to automate insect monitoring programs


Using a webcam to track objects

SwisTrack can record and retreive objects using a webcam. This means that an object can be tracked with SwisTrack using a webcam. This does not affect the functionality of the computer program. It means that the webcam needs to be connected to the computer in order to capture the images that are sent to SwisTrack.

The webcam should be installed in a position where it is able to capture the desired object. The object should be sufficiently far from the webcam for the image to be captured and for it to be processed. It may also be necessary to use a specific device to project a pattern in the object’s direction, since a normal camera may capture other objects as well.

SwisTrack allows to track an object by following its movement. It can be configured to work with markers, which are boxes or circles that are placed on the object. The SwisTrack’s algorithm must be able to distinguish the marker from the object. It will send position and velocity messages back to the controller.

Other methods
SwisTrack does not use markers. Therefore, it is able to track objects that do not bear any kind of markers. This can be useful for objects that have a feature that can be matched to a pattern.

Objects can also be tracked by using the OpenCV library (see below). This means that the program tracks an object by reading images from a video feed.

Creating the SwisTrack plug-in

SwisTrack is a plug-in for the Visual Basic programming language. SwisTrack can be installed and run on GNU/Linux (KDE or Gnome) or on Microsoft Windows. Installation of the program and the plug-in is

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Keymacro is a very simple software for performing home automation in a Raspberry Pi computer. The device uses the Raspberry Pi 3 model B and runs the Raspbian OS.
Its design and use is based on the Open-source operating system of the Raspberry Pi, which is Linux. This operating system allows the development of applications of all kinds that will work on the system.

LensesGPS is a simple hobby GPS receiver running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and is a fully featured GPS software receiver which receives data from a variety of sources and processes it into usable data.
It has the ability to do very simple routing and offline speed measuring which is one of its key features.
It can also connect to the iTrack standard and send its position and time to the iTrack website, which can in turn be used to perform a variety of things including finding if you’ve been speeding.
As the base for the GPS receiver are some free libraries and plugins for Raspbian which are included with the program: netstack, lwp, and jansson.
gps_timestamp_to_latlon: Takes the date and time a GPS fix was received and returns a location point for a given latitude and longitude, and an optional elevation.
gps_timestamp_to_dynamodata: Takes a GPS fix and returns a series of dynamodata as well as the device accuracy.
gps_timestamp_to_speed: Takes a GPS fix and returns a speed as well as a radius for a given direction.
gps_timestamp_to_latlon_offline: Takes a GPS fix and returns a location point as well as a rough estimate of the location and a radius.
gps_timestamp_to_speed_offline: Takes a GPS fix and returns a speed as well as a radius.
gps_timestamp_to_dynamodata_offline: Takes a GPS fix and returns a series of dynamodata as well as the device accuracy.
gps_timestamp_to_latlon_offline_custom: Takes a GPS fix and returns a location point as well as a rough estimate of the location and a radius.
gps_timestamp_to_speed_offline_custom: Takes a GPS fix and returns a speed as well as a radius.

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The video tracking program, known as “SwisTrack”, is used for tracking and recording the path of objects within a defined environment. The software can be used to track and record the path of mobile robots and insects.
SwisTrack is a very compact, powerful and easy to use software. It is used in research and industry, and is a useful tool for many applications within robotics and visual servoing.
This is the latest and updated version of “SwisTrack” (
The latest stable version of SwisTrack is v1.9.9. The last update of the software was in 2005.

Installation and usage:
SwisTrack is fully installed with a few simple commands. The user only needs to set the server address and the tracking server.
The program needs to be installed in a central computer. SwisTrack can be installed via a bootable CD/DVD, so the user only needs to burn the CD/DVD to the local hard drive. The CD/DVD installation does not require additional software.

The user needs to set the tracking server in the SwisTrack program with the help of a configuration file. The program supports both TCP/IP and UDP/IP to transfer the tracking data to the server. If you want to use TCP/IP, the user needs to set the IP address of the tracking server in the configuration file.
SwisTrack supports both a local and a remote tracking server.

The user can transfer the configuration file and the tracking data to a local tracking server via a bootable CD/DVD or FTP. You can also use a hardware USB tracking device for data transfer.

If you are using a PC with Windows, it is recommended to use Windows Server 2008 R2 (or later). Windows Server 2003 is not supported.

Additional information:
The software is available under the GNU GPL license.
This version of SwisTrack can be freely distributed via the Internet or on a CD/DVD without restrictions.

Please visit the SwisTrack web page:

To report errors and bugs, please use the bug report form at
[A retrospective analysis of shoulder dislocations in the department of orthopaedic surgery of the Hospital d

What’s New In SwisTrack?

SwisTrack tracks and detects moving objects and measures their position, orientation, velocity, distance and size. For each tracked object, a trajectory can be saved in a.csv-file.

The tracking and detection capabilities of SwisTrack have been tuned to be a competitive solution to the state of the art commercial systems.
* Occlusion Detection
* Orientation Detection
* Position detection (reached by absolute or relative measurement of lasers, camera or sound)
* Size Detection
* Rotation Detection
* Velocity Detection

In addition to the movements of the tracked objects, an easy marker-less method for visual tracking is provided for your own objects. A combination of different video frames allows detection and localization of stationary objects even in the presence of moving ones.


Visual Tracking and Positioning
1. Automatic visual servoing
2. Autonomous navigation
3. Robot navigation
4. Environmental monitoring

SwisTrack supports several file types for the import of tracking results:.swis.csv and.swist.dat.

Further information:
Please go to our Website www.swistrack.org and download the detailed documentation.

Special version:
This version is special for MacOSX. It has been tested and is working with OSX 10.6.8, 10.7 and 10.8.

A set of data files (.swis) can be exported to a file, which can be loaded in other software such as Matlab.

Numerous potential applications are to be found. For example, SwisTrack can be used for tracking and navigating in an unknown environment, i.e. the user gives the tracking program the required locations or locations of obstacles. When a calibration is done, this information can be used in a visual servoing system to approach and maneuver in a given environment. This can be used in applications such as mobile robot navigation, robot vacuum cleaning, face recognition, reverse engineering, 3D printing, automatic engineering and manufacturing, automotive industry, security, media devices and display technology, in medicine and etc.

This software is a freeware. It is provided free of charge. No registration, no “activation”, no license fees, no activation codes are required.


As a service, SwisTrack is available free of charge. If the software is used on a commercial basis (i.e. for a product or service offered for commercial purpose), then a user has to pay a license fee of 5.00 €.

The demo contains sample data files for the demonstration of the software. To fully understand the usage of SwisTrack, you should use the demo in combination with the SwisTrack Software Manual available as a separate pdf-file.

Source code:
SwisTrack is distributed under the GNU General Public License

System Requirements:

To join, you need to have a legit copy of the original Deus Ex on the PC, as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the PS3 or Xbox 360. You’ll also need the PC’s graphic card to run the game, and 16GB of hard drive space on the PC.
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