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The PPTools Merge is a free Powerpoint add-in, which enables you to easily merge data from Excel XLS files into Powerpoint files or presentations with each other, without any limitations.

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Your feedback will help other users to find the right software for their needsI think we all know that natural gas and petroleum are identical products but even after a 50 year history of producing natural gas, people still use the word natural gas to describe either one. I do not think it is a good use of people’s time to keep insisting on the natural gas misnomer!

I think it’s time to stop referring to natural gas as natural gas. Let’s call it what it is: natural gas – it’s fracked, i.e. a hydrocarbon, released from underground reservoirs by thermal processes, then treated with the specific chemicals used by the gas producers and finally sold as a product we use. It is as natural as natural sugar, or…

What about hydrocarbons in general, what do you call natural crude oil? Isn’t it all natural? It’s not just coal and natural gas – it’s everything, including fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, natural gas, tar sands, heavy crude, natural asphalt, condensate (light crude), crude oil bitumen, etc. Why do we call it “natural” oil?Q:

Why is a bad coding practice to store data in many tables?

Let’s say I have a table of “contacts”. I want to store the data of the phone numbers and email addresses of my contacts. How can I do this?
If I have a contact table and a phone_numbers table, what is the meaning of those? Would the data not be stored in one table, the phone numbers?
If I then want to add some more data like address, sex and birthdate, should I add a new table or just add additional columns to the original contact table? 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a dynamic list of keywords and phrases that can be inserted and replaced in your favorite text files. You can use them to increase your productivity, create listings or add hyperlinks. It is also a very handy tool for organizing your thoughts, memorizing any information and sharing it with your family and friends.
KeyMACRO can read any text file, create new ones, organize the information and make sense of it. It is the best app that you can use to give your documents a personal touch and make them suitable for your needs. With KEYMACRO you can:
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– Insert keywords and phrases
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– Build lists
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