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macro defines one button per key on a keypad. It is a list of the buttons, the “keycode” to be pushed when that button is pressed and the direction, up/down. It’s used to modify the behavior of a keypad.
macro definitions:
button: The button to activate, in hex format, such as “0x1d36”, “0x10”, “0x00″…
keycode: The keycode to activate (in decimal). For the right arrow, for example, “0x5E”.
direction: The direction to make the macro: up or down.
The default state of a button is in idle mode.
So, for example, a macro defining a right arrow on the “0x1d36” button is:
button = 0x1d36
keycode = 0x5E
direction = down
You can also make a macro to “free” a key by pressing the key. To do that, you have to leave the “button” field blank.
macro definitions:
key: The key to free, in hex format, such as “0x1d36”, “0x10”, “0x00”
free: Boolean, if TRUE or if the key is free, this macro will be activated
The default state of a key is to be “pressed”.
Each macro is assigned to a function to be triggered when the key is pressed.
By default, a button is assigned to the action that executes when it is pushed.
A macro assigned to the action that executes when the key is pressed is called a “keymacro”.
For example, a keymacro definition for a right arrow is:
button = 0x1d36
keycode = 0x5E
direction = down
function = keyup
To play the sound corresponding to a specific macro, you just have to call the function that is assigned to that macro, and pass it the following parameters:
function = macro_name
arg0 = Macro id, to be printed in the command line (if there is one)
arg1 = Boolean: TRUE/FALSE, to activate/deactivate the macro
arg2 = Keyboard key number, to be printed in the command line (if there is one)
function = macro_name
arg0 = 0x1d36
arg1 = TRUE
arg2 = 0x5E 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is an editing program that uses hot keys to control and change macros in a convenient way. Its integrated editing component allows you to quickly create a sequence of buttons and setting up the program is fairly simple. In addition, you can execute any action on a range of selected images or video files.
KeyMacro is compatible with all types of devices, including micro SD cards, USB sticks, memory cards and many others. It has a large number of pre-set actions for the most common operations, such as print, rotate and resize, while you can also create your own ones and insert them into the program.
When you are editing a file, you can record what you are doing and even save it. As you can see, this software is intended for those who make use of hot keys a lot.
KeyMacro Review
KeyMacro comes with a set of basic macros that you can use to perform different tasks. They allow you to edit images and videos with ease.
However, you can create and insert your own ones and, in addition, there are enough actions to fully utilize the program.
For instance, with the key buttons you can easily rotate the video, either horizontally or vertically. Similarly, you can also change the color, crop the image, print the result, set the brightness and change the contrast.
Furthermore, you can also use a range of actions for both still images and videos, such as rotate, resize and set the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and opacity.
As a result, this tool allows you to make some of the most common editing jobs easier.
KeyMacro has a handy interface that is very easy to handle, regardless of the version you use.
Furthermore, if you are used to the old version, you can adapt to the new one pretty fast as all the basic settings are kept the same. However, the major difference is that the newer version is not compatible with all devices.
For instance, the program does not work with the new Windows 10 operating system and, even though it is available for Android and iPhone, it does not work with these OS either.
The fact that KeyMacro is not compatible with new devices is a concern. This, combined with the lack of new functions, is the only thing that could turn people off from the program.
KeyMacro offers free support for both mobile and desktop devices. Thus, if you are a beginner, you can make use of


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