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Q9 Oldvox is a analogue synth that comes with two separate oscillators, filtering capabilties, as well as master and delay sections.
The LFO modulator is designed for the Dubstep genre, but it can also be used with other music styles. The plugin contains an automatic mode detune.


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Download » https://shurll.com/2n3c51






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The Oscillator 1 is a 12-bit resonant analogue sine wave oscillator with a sawtooth envelope generator and an LFO which can be modulated on its frequency and the oscillator sync

VST Plugin for Emagic QY-1 Stereo

Oceansounds is a freeware VST Plugin for Emagic QY-1 Stereo, With the same features of Oceansounds the bass is replaced by MIDI controller, which support over 19 controls for the Wave Table. It´s a great bass instrument that is a great addition for the typical Dubstep, Rock, Dub and Ambient styles.
We at New Wav are proud to offer this great product for free download, Oceansounds is the result of our constant work with real instruments and has for decades for the creation of new sounds.
Oceansounds – is a hybrid electronic bass instrument and MIDI controller.


Split-Tuner is a VST plugin, midi controller and a preset manager for Z-DSP split-tuner.
Split-Tuner is a VST plugin that functions as a MIDI controller and presets manager for Z-DSP Split-Tuner.The controls are displayed on the faders or in their own display. All presets are loaded from memory and are automatically saved to disk when the plugin is restarted.
Z-DSP Split-Tuner is a virtual split-tuner module for the Z-DSP sampler. It features three channels with independent settings for each channel and loaded presets.
The settings that can be edited in Split-Tuner are:
– freq_detune
– freq_scale
– freq_sync
– tracker
– track_detune
– track_scale
– track_sync
– detune
– scale
– status
– readout
– track
– status

Instrument: Subway

Description: This library is created to enrich your productions with interesting and fresh sounds. Subway Instrument will provide you with a multitude of musical ideas! This is an instrument that allows you to slide, sink, warp and manipulate your sound in an unlimited way! Create music like the old days and take your hands again on the keys!

Steffi – Elektronik Groove Machine

Developed by Four-Quarter-Zero, Steffi was originally released for e-mu Prote

Q9 Oldvox Crack Activator Free Download

Q9 Oldvox Crack For Windows is designed for the Dubstep genre, but it can also be used with other music styles. The plugin contains an automatic mode detune.

– Automatic detune by mode
– 2 Osc’s with different operators (yes, it’s true)
– ADSR envelopes (You can get to the envelopes by pressing the mod key)
– LFO (Modulator) with a detune
– Very simple synth engine, which is great for the home engineer

Control/Parameter | Type | min | max | Step | default | comments
Voice | LFO | – | 1 | 1 | 1 | $24.00
Filter 1 | ADSR | 1/4 | 16 | 16 | 4 | $24.00
Filter 2 | ADSR | 1/4 | 16 | 16 | 4 | $24.00
Mix / Volume | ADSR | 1 | 16 | 8 | 4 | $24.00
A filter is an audio circuit that passes signals of one frequency through or around another circuit. Filter circuits can be used to boost or attenuate selected frequencies, to let a single tone or group of frequencies through, or to change frequencies as a function of time. In Q9, there are two built-in filters. One is a low pass filter and the other is a high pass filter.
The first step in the synthesis process is to choose an operator (base) to perform the audio operation. Two operators are included in Q9: ADSR and ADSR S&H (Sine-Saw). If we want to turn on the LFO (modulation), we have to turn on the mod key first. The sound is retriggered every time you switch from the ADSR envelope to the LFO envelope.
The filter section is where the filter circuit is evaluated. The filter section has two filter capabilties: HPF (High pass filter) and LPF (Low pass filter). The filter caps can be selected by pressing the Caps Lock button. Please note that the default values are the same as the minimum operator value. The filter caps also have two presets, one is close to the minimum operator value and the other is close to the maximum operator value. If we want to switch the filter caps to change the filter’s cutoff frequency, we only need to press the button. This will switch to the next tab and the last selected filter

Q9 Oldvox [Win/Mac]

The Q9 Oldvox plugin is based on a resistor ladder circuit that generates the classic analog square wave.
The tone is adjustable, and the plugin can be set to a Factory, Osc #1, Osc #2, Osc #1 + Osc #2, just to name a few options.
The plugin features an LFO section that has a sweepable rate and and LFO waveform. There is also a master fader that allows for a quick and easy set up of the plugin.
Q9 Oldvox Features:

The Q9 Oldvox plugin is a perfect fit for the Dubstep style of music production. The plugin is easy to use and can be used in all genres.

The Q9 Oldvox plugin contains an LFO section that can be used with any audio material and music style.

The LFO section provides six different waves from which to choose, as well as six different settings that can be saved as presets.

The Q9 Oldvox plugin has a sequencer that can be used to create a modulated drum machine style of beat

The Sequencer can be used as a loop-playback with unlimited tracks. It also has an automation slider that can be set to a loop start point and length.

The Q9 Oldvox plugin is easy to use and can be used on all audio based software or hard-ware. The Q9 Oldvox plugin can be used as an effects plugin, or an additive synth.

Q9 Oldvox comes with a preset file that will help the user with setting up the plugin for Dubstep music.

Q9 Oldvox sends out a maximum of 40k S/H. The Q9 Oldvox plugin can have different patterns set up for each oscillator and the LFO section.

The Q9 Oldvox plugin has a master fader which can be used to vary the amount of audio signal.


Q9 Oldvox has two band-pass and two shelving EQ sections.


The Q9 Oldvox plugin has four lowpass filters, and three bandpass filters. The lowpass filters can be set to resonance.


The Q9 Oldvox plugin has a standard delay for reverbs, delays, and reverbrations.

Q9 Oldvox Key Features:


The Q9

What’s New In Q9 Oldvox?

Q9 Oldvox is a vintage style analogue soundbank, created for the Dubstep genre.
The plugin contains two separate oscillators with distinct waveforms, as well as filtering capabilities, as well as a master and a delay section. The LFO modulator is designed for the Dubstep genre, but it can also be used with other music styles. The plugin contains an automatic mode detune.
Need A Sample Pack? Check out The Nucleus Sample Pack, a sample pack from me here

We are proud to present this amazing modulated analogue synth with presets made for the Dubstep genre.
As the name suggests, it contains two oscillators with distinctive waveforms, as well as a plethora of frequency modulation functionalities, from sidechain filtering to filters, as well as a delay section. It also has a master / filter mod section that can be turned on or off for more direct control.
The LFO modulator is designed for the Dubstep genre, but it can also be used with other music styles. The plugin contains an automatic mode detune.
Get the free presets found in the “Downloads” page of my Soundcloud here

The author does not endorse the use of illegal software. This is a free sample pack, and just because it’s free does not mean that it’s legal. As always, never download anything from a Source that you are unsure of.
If you are concerned that this is all a trap, you’re probably right.
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• All products sold by New Romantic are for personal use only.
• All downloads available on the New Romantic website (www.newromantic.com) are free for immediate download.
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System Requirements For Q9 Oldvox:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (32/64 bit) Processor: Pentium III 800MHz, P4 1.8GHz
Pentium III 800MHz, P4 1.8GHz Memory: 1GB
1GB RAM: 256MB
256MB Graphics: DirectX 9.0 graphics card
DirectX 9.0 graphics card DirectX: Version 10
How to install it
When the file is downloaded, install the ZIP file using the following procedure


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