License Prep (Unit 1), October 2, 2023


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 Mon Oct 02, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

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Unit 1 license preparation includes an in-depth review of material required for the Rules of the Road, Navigation Problems: Chart Plot, and Navigation General examinations. The pace of the course is based on student background and level of knowledge already achieved prior to attendance.

Modules in this unit include:

Q100, Q105, Q106, Q107, Q113, Q114, Q115, Q123, Q124, Q125, Q130, Q138, Q139, Q140, Q152, Q153, Q162, Q163, Q171, Q171, Q182, Q183, Q184, Q190, Q191, Q192, Q203, Q204, Q205, Q211, Q212, Q213, Q300, Q301, Q304, Q305, Q310, Q311, Q322, Q323, Q329, Q330, Q342, Q343, Q349, Q350, Q357, Q358, Q361, Q371, Q372, Q373, Q382, Q383, Q388, Q389, Q393, Q397, Q398, Q402, Q403, Q412, Q413, Q414, Q420, Q421, Q426

We recommend Unit 2 for those taking examinations for Near Coastal / Oceans modules for Navigation Problems.



For more information, visit the course overview for Unit 1.

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