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Portable AppCleaner is a powerful software application which helps you optimize your PC’s performance and security by removing items from your computer, including temporary files, history, cookies, internet logs, and the list goes on.
Can be comfortably used from a thumb drive
This is the portable version of AppCleaner, meaning it does not require installation. You can copy the program files to any location on the hard disk in order to easily run the utility from there, by double-clicking the executable file. In addition to that, they can be dropped to a USB flash drive or other similar portable storage device, so as to use Portable AppCleaner on any computer you have access to.
You should also know the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to get updated with new entries, thus keeping your computer clean at all times
Clean apps, browsers, registry entries, and Windows elements
This utility is built on several tabs, which enable you to toggle “Cleaner,” “Tools” and “Options”. The first one lets you analyze and clean apps, browsers, Windows and the registry. You can choose exactly where to look for each aforementioned item.
The following tab helps you uninstall programs that you might not need any more or have not used in a while, as well as view and manage the apps that open at system startup.
The options panel allows you to choose a language and delete method (supports Gutmann, NSA, DOD, single overwrite and simple). It is also possible to add files and folders to an ignore list and establish the minimum age (expressed in days) before particular items get deleted.
A few last words
All in all, Portable AppCleaner is a useful piece of software for managing applications and deleting unnecessary data. CPU and memory usage is low, and response time is good.









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LX-Shape Password Remover is a software that helps you find, recover, and delete the password of any accounts that belong to you on a certain website. The program does all that under the time-passing camouflage of a routine Windows Update! You simply just have to run it and then click “Run” when prompted. The tool will detect the serial number of your computer and then launch the set of utilities. This is used by you to easily find, use and delete the serial number of your computer. You can easily find every necessary serial number and delete them. Every serial number is downloaded and provided to the user in a batch file.

LX-Shape Password Remover can remove the password of any account that belongs to you on any website.

Fully automatic software

No installation required

No hidden files

Clean session

LX-Shape Password Remover Features:

Locate Serial Number of Your Computer

LX-Shape Password Remover will help you find the password of any account that belongs to you on any website. The program will monitor all the websites that have used your Internet connection over the past weeks. It will then detect the number assigned to your computer, which is used by every website that you have ever used during the past weeks. It will use that number as a “mark” that will help you to delete the respective account. The serial number of your PC is added to the downloaded file, which can be opened with a simple XML file opener. You can follow the instructions that are provided, or manually click the button to execute the task.

Fully Automatic Serial Number Removal

LX-Shape Password Remover will automatically remove the serial number from your system. It will automatically delete every serial number found. This is done under the camouflage of a Windows update process. It is done in the background and you will not be notified. When you are done, LX-Shape Password Remover will pop up a window which asks for the password of your administrator account, which will allow you to delete the files automatically.

Delete All Serial Numbers Found in Your System

LX-Shape Password Remover will help you erase all serial numbers found in your system. It will help you to delete every serial number that was ever assigned to your computer. This will help you to delete every website that has ever been used on your system. You can find how many are there, and you can remove them all with a

Portable AppCleaner Crack [Updated]

AppCleaner is a fast and free application that will automatically scan your computer to clean the temporary files, unused programs, and caches that affect the speed of your PC. This anti-malware tool will also check if you have installed additional programs that are not strictly necessary for your computer, and will remove them if you wish.
You will also be able to clean your browser cookies, history, autostart entries, and any other items that might slow down your PC by being too many. This will ensure that your computer runs as fast and smoothly as possible.
Additional features of this simple program include a built-in cache utility, startup/shutdown checker, and a configuration utility that allows you to reset several aspects of your PC to default settings.
This anti-malware software is quick and lightweight and includes a powerful command line utility that allows you to clean the programs you want or even choose which ones to keep.
You will also be able to view your system’s performance and set up automatic updates. The last thing that you will be able to do is delete the temporary files that slow your computer down. This program is also completely free so you won’t need to worry about having to purchase any licenses for it.
What is new in this version:

Fixed a bug that caused the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to sometimes not work when using the portable version.

The following apps in your computer might be keeping your PC from running fast and smooth. You can remove them from your computer for good or just optimize them for better performance. It is very important to keep your computer as clean as possible, as viruses, spyware and malware are the main reason for your PC to slow down or even crash.
Make your PC slow, or even crash
If your computer has been compromised by a virus, adware, spyware, or malware, you will be able to find out which apps are running on it. This can be done by using the Task Manager. You should also check if your PC crashes or is running slow, as it might be doing so because of multiple software problems.
Task Manager
You can use this tool ( to manage a wide range of system resources: memory, CPU, RAM, disk space, network, and so on.
Switches are available

Portable AppCleaner Crack+ [32|64bit]

Ultimate Privacy Edition is a powerful and intuitive data cleaning app which helps you protect your privacy and security on your computer by removing history, temporary files, cookies, history and other items from your computer. Keep your computer clean and safe from others and use it secretly.
Supports all platforms
This data cleaner is absolutely lightweight, making it compatible with all platforms. Even though it does not need installation, we cannot recommend its usage. You will be asked to download a standalone executable, which will get installed to a user folder.
You can use it while connected to the Internet and you can even copy the files to a USB flash drive or other storage media to conveniently use the utility on any computer you have access to.
You should also know that the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to get updated with new entries, thus keeping your computer clean at all times. The program lets you examine and delete individual items that are contained in several different categories, such as temporary files and Windows elements.
Deletes history and temporary files
This software lets you clean history entries, browser history and history, temporary files, cookies, browsing data and cache.
Supports automatic deleting and clearing of history and temporary files
There are four different ways to clean up the items. You can delete files by specifying the desired date of deletion and selecting the item from the list. It is also possible to use the automatic feature to delete system files, temporary files and history, as well as cookies, history, browsing data and others.
Additionally, it is possible to select a folder to delete all files contained in it. With one click, they get permanently deleted and not recovered.
Ads and pop-ups do not appear while using the software
This data cleaner comes with options that enable it to not activate ads and pop-ups while in use, prevent usage of the internet search tools and trackers. These options make the software lightweight and light on the CPU.
Moreover, you can choose to avoid running the browser’s home and search programs when you launch the application.
There are plenty of additional features which include sorting and filtering through the files, creating a report, and deleting content stored in the “specified” folders.
Organize and copy over 30 items
Unique, lightweight and intuitive
Allows you to define the criterion under which the items get deleted
The settings panel can be used to modify the criteria of the software. The rightmost part of the screen contains a button which opens the settings area. You

What’s New In?

This application permits you to clean apps, browsers, Windows and the registry on your PC. The utility can also help you uninstall applications that you don’t need any more, as well as view and manage the applications that open at system startup.
The application makes it possible to analyze and clean apps, browsers, Windows and the registry. You can choose exactly where to look for each of the aforementioned elements on your PC, and select the uninstall method. The application is provided in multiple languages, letting you interact with the tool in either English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.
You will need to answer the question about what’s the clean operation to be applied, in order to decide what will get deleted. The program also provides the option to add files and folders to an ignore list and set the minimum age (expressed in days) before particular files and folders will get deleted.
When you want to remove something that’s stored on your hard drive, the utility lets you choose the clean operation. You can: get rid of completely; delete both sides (left- and right side) of a file; or overwrite a file’s contents with an existing value.
You will need to specify where on your hard drive you want to search for unwanted files, and what the utility should do with them. There are many browsing-related items, including bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, web browsing history, downloaded programs, history of internet downloads, search history, the Start menu and the Windows registry. You can also choose what to do with web browser’s and startup applications.
The information about the app might help you make some common sense decisions, such as “Delete the history of my web browsing?” or “Yes, I want to delete my browser’s search and browsing history.”
Portable AppCleaner Compatibility:
It works with the following versions of Windows:
Windows XP and later
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008.
What’s New:
Fixed a crash bug that occurred while cleaning up old entries and folders. This change might not solve all the issues that came with the latest version.
FAQ & Issues:
– How can I optimize my computer?
Q: How to speed up my computer and delete history, cookies and temporary files?
A: From time to time you might be using your browser a bit

System Requirements:

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