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If you want to be able to read on the go, then Omegadoc Viewer for Android is an app you should definitely check out.
Meet Omegadoc Viewer for Android
In short, Omegadoc Viewer for Android is a full-fledged application that not only enables you to read e-books in the format supported by Amazon’s Kindle devices, but also lets you manage, share, and install e-books directly from your Android device.
How to get started with the app
Omegadoc Viewer for Android is just as easy to install as any other app, simply hit the download button and the installation procedure will be carried out for you.
Upon being installed, the app will ask you for an email and an ID, which will be used to register the app. It’s worth mentioning here that the email will be used solely for the app to send updates and notifications to your device.
The interface is quite clean and doesn’t require a lot of your time and attention, making it quite easy to use for people that have no experience with the app.
There are two main tabs that allow you to access your e-books library. The left one displays all of the available e-books in the app, while the right one contains the individual books you’ve been downloading from the library.
The screen features a pretty big text box, which allows you to navigate through your content quite easily. The text box can be scrolled up and down as well as panned over left and right.
In case you’re interested in an e-book you’ve downloaded, the app allows you to access the full content, while you also have the option to view the content’s details.
Other noteworthy features
As we said earlier, Omegadoc Viewer for Android is a pretty powerful app. The app provides users with a ton of options that make it possible to read all types of e-books.
For starters, the app is able to open and display e-books from EPUB, MOBI, FB2, and AZW3 formats. To make matters even better, the app allows you to manage and install e-books directly from your Android device.
You can easily share a selected e-book to the Kindle app on your device, as well as download the full content, even if it’s a sample chapter. Also, you can easily export e-

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KEYMACRO is a useful freeware utility that allows its users to map physical keyboard keys to macros and even more.
Designed as a standalone application, it is not integrated with any Windows operating system.
Unlike the vast majority of software that work as add-ons or enhancements to Microsoft-compatible operating systems, KEYMACRO is a piece of software that does not modify anything on the host PC. It functions on its own without the need to install any third-party programs. In this manner, users don’t need to worry about being compromised by any malicious programs.
Additionally, this application is very fast and efficient, as it works directly with the host operating system, thus rendering the work you need to perform as simple as possible.
KEYMACRO has more than 100 predefined macros, many of which are very useful, such as:
• Cut
• Copy
• Paste
• Undo
• Redo
• Remove
• Blank
• Back
• Next
• Search
• Execute
• Print Screen
• Save
• Help
KEYMACRO can be used as a standalone tool. Unlike some similar applications, it has no third-party dependencies, meaning that there’s no need to have Internet access.
Why Is KEYMACRO Useful?
KEYMACRO can prove to be of great benefit to the average PC user, as it effectively replaces some of the most common actions users perform every day.
For instance, it’s much simpler to use the keys on the keyboard to perform actions on your PC rather than choosing from menus and dialog boxes, and it’s no longer necessary to open the Run dialog box to start applications, as you can just execute them through macros.
The application offers much more than just macros, as users can also take advantage of all of the other functions that are typically included with other software packages.
Besides all of the pre-defined functions, this application also allows you to create new ones. In this manner, users can effectively execute any applications on the host PC using macros.
The application also features a feature where users can define the function keys and use them to make more functional additions to the application.
Additionally, users can also perform various actions and functions on their PC that are usually associated with hardware and system controls.
KEYMACRO Is Easy to Use
KEYMACRO is a very easy-to-use application, as it is a freeware tool. Using it is even simpler than the

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OK, I am the one who wrote the “get started” tutorial above, and I don’t have a product to sell here. All I am doing is trying to sell this to someone who is looking for a simple way to design their e-books, websites, etc. We are currently trying to find a publisher to help take this on as a product.
The best way to help us is to keep the feedback coming.

This is a premium version of the template, which is included in this download.

I have put the template on Github to show how it is done.

What’s included:


Headers & Footers



Share & Wishlist & Account

Single Image

Image Size

Image Size Options

Image Rotation

Image Color


Background Color

Background Gradient

Image Alignment

Image Alignment Options

Background Gradient Options


Grid Options

Image Alignment to the Grid

Text Alignment

Text Alignment Options


Table Options

Table Styling

Table Color

Table Background Color

Table Color Options


Table Header & Footer

Table Layout

Table Background

Table Background Gradient

Table Grid

Table Border

Table Cell Borders

Cell Borders

Table Cell Alignment

Cell Alignment

Table Headers & Footers

Table Header & Footer

Table Header Alignment

Table Header Text

Table Header Gradient

Table Header Colors

Table Footer Alignment

Table Footer Text

Table Footer Gradient

Table Footer Colors

Table Colors

Table Cell Background

Table Cell Background Gradient

Table Cell Background Color

Table Cell Background Color Options

Table Cell Alignment

Table Cell Alignment Options

Table Cell Background Color Options

Table Cell Alignment Options

Table Cell Border

Table Cell Border Color

Table Cell Border Color Options

Table Cell Color

Table Cell Color Options

Table Cell Font Size

Table Cell Font Color

Table Cell Font

What’s New in the Omegadoc Designer?

Keep your plants happy and healthy all year round with the help of this

In the past few years, the availability of digital-technology-based platforms has increased significantly. All types of features now fit almost seamlessly into this technology, and as such, it seems we live in a world of the third millennium.
These are times when everything becomes possible, thanks to the connectedness of information and communication, making the aforementioned digital platforms so much more accessible and relevant. However, there are still people who fail to grasp and understand this newly introduced digital world, and as a result, they are ill-equipped to effectively use these platforms.
This is a problem that is very familiar to the Joomla world, which makes it no wonder why this team has taken the time to develop an informative and interactive Joomla platform that will take you by the hand and guide you through the process of understanding the role and power of digital technology.
Many site owners and administrators have discovered the power of this platform, as it can both elevate their content to the highest level, and also help them build stronger and more productive relationships with their audience.
Why do we say this? We say this because JomSocial is a social network that gives webmasters and designers a new experience of how they can apply this digital technology to improve their sites.
It’s for this reason that JomSocial has become one of the most popular social networks in the Joomla community, and as such, we’ve put together this informative guide for you to help you harness the power of this tool to its fullest potential.
What is JomSocial?
This is a social network that enables webmasters and designers to build and create powerful social networks through the use of easy-to-use tools.
Some of the most notable features of JomSocial include:
•One-click upgrade of Joomla to the latest version
•Easy integration of plugins into Joomla
•Three types of components:

Joomla has the power to become the most significant player in the web development market in the years to come. That’s precisely the reason why this open-source platform has become so popular.
If you’re thinking about Joomla and wondering what it can do for you, then don’t worry, for we’ve prepared an overview that will cover most of the features that this site management platform has to offer.
Why are you the right place for me?
Joomla is a free content management platform that has plenty of features and functionality. What this means is that it comes with a lot of functionalities that will help your website or online portal reach its full potential.
This content management platform is quite powerful, and as such, you need a qualified Joomla expert who can help you to configure

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: 1024 × 768 display
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Additional Notes:
Installation Requirements:
Internet connection required
Installation size: 1.2 GB
Archive: 1.2 GB
All products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee!d = fd

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