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VMware InstallBuilder is the most advanced application for creating and deploying software installation projects.
VMware InstallBuilder is an innovative, easy-to-use and comprehensive tool for building, managing and testing CD, DVD and ISO-based installers and validating your product’s integrity. With InstallBuilder you can define your desired features and layout in a logical and orderly way and use a graphical interface to create a professional-looking and fully functional installation package in just a few minutes.
VMware InstallBuilder creates installers that are compliant with the latest software distribution standards such as the various Microsoft (MSI, MSU, or MSVOL), Mac OS X Installer, Debian, and the Linux RPM specifications. InstallBuilder can also generate runtimes for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X executables.
VMware InstallBuilder provides deep support for various MSI-based deployment scenarios including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The application’s powerful project wizard includes features that enable you to easily handle all details that surround the project, such as the deployment of bundled or standalone applications, the creation of required ISO/CD images, and the installation of custom application extensions.
VMware InstallBuilder allows you to build your own deployment project or to use the VMware Image Update Utility (VUM) to generate customized images that are compatible with your deployment scenarios.
VMware InstallBuilder’s powerful project wizard enables you to build your own project, as well as to handle all details surrounding the deployment project such as generating custom ISO/CD images, custom deployment prerequisites, and registering custom application extensions.
Product Features:
* Generates Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X installers in a few easy steps,
* Provides information about your deployment and produces a build log,
* Supports multiple platforms and operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux,
* Can be used for both desktop and server based applications.

MakeInstaller(.exe) Description:
MakeInstaller is a free and easy-to-use application that turns your zip files into a Windows Installer. Unlike other similar applications, MakeInstaller also creates Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and BSD Installers.

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WM3CCtl is a small.NET Windows Forms application that can create the M3C filesystem on MMC cards for the SP503 MP3 player.
Useful Features:
■ Wizard to create the M3C filesystem.
■ Create M3C filesystem in different modes like FAT32, or FAT16 or create a file directly.
■ It can create a local filesystem or create a M3C filesystem in a removable media.
WM3CCtl Windows Form:
WM3CCtl has a simple interface with an edit box to enter the filesystem/media, a button to open the files, and another button to create the filesystem.
Wizard Features:
■ It has a wizard to create the M3C filesystem.
■ It has an open file dialog to select a file for reading.
■ It has a write file dialog to write to the file.
■ It has a browse button to open the folder containing the selected file.
■ It has two buttons to create the filesystem, and another two to open the files.
WM3CCtl Performance:
■ The filesystem/media is created in a matter of seconds.
WM3CCtl Windows:
WM3CCtl has been written with C# language and.NET Framework 1.1. WM3CCtl has been tested with the SP503 MP3 player by Pontis. WM3CCtl has also been tested with the device with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
WM3CCtl Resources:
WM3CCtl is available for free on our site.
WM3CCtl has the following sites:
■ WM3CCtl homepage
■ WM3CCtl Downloads page
■ WM3CCtl Development page

WM3CCtl is a useful and simplistic GUI that can create the M3C filesystem on MMC cards for the Pontis SP503 MP3 player.
WM3CCtl is a control program for the M3C File System. The file system is used by the SP 503 MP3 Player by Pontis.
One annoying factor of the SP 503 is that music has to be transferred using either the serial port or a special parallel port box. The music is stored on plain MMC cards which can be accessed by a normal card reader. M3CCtl can create the M3C filesystem on any block devices or in a file.

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