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As you have omitted the data you want to analyze from the question, I am unable to comment on the appropriateness of your experiment or your analysis.
I would suggest that a simple experiment of aggregating the noisy or missing data from each corpus will highlight the issue you have just presented.
First, assume you have two corpora, “train” and “test”. The train corpus is the corpus with the missing data. The test corpus is the corpus with the noise data. In fact, “noisy” or “missing” are probably too direct terms for what you want to do, but the concept is the same. I will use the word “corpus” throughout this answer, but the same concept applies for “document”.
You have a few options for how you could proceed. The easiest is to create a DocumentLoss feature to be used in a classifier. By default, DocumentLoss means “document removed from corpus”. It will tell you which documents were in the training set but not in the test set. It will not say anything about whether the documents are actually missing, but only that a document was in the training set, but not the test set.
You can also use simple aggregation, like doing a simple document frequency, to create one corpus with data from both the train and test corpora, and the other corpus with data only from the test corpora.
However, there may be some more complicated methods of finding the missing and noisy data, and there are probably other methods of your classification problem, too. It depends on what your use case is. But if you need help


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Or I can send stdin to the process and read it from stdout or stderr.
I’m stuck at
temp=`ffmpeg -i $1 -print_format avi -c copy $2`

…though I don’t know where to put it. I tried putting it to stdout/stderr before I changed the copy bit, but it didn’t work.


Try one of the following (note the. at the end):
ffmpeg -i “$1” -i “$2” -print_format avi -c copy “$3”

ffmpeg -i “$1” -i “$2” -print_format avi “$3”

ffmpeg -i “$1” -i “$2” -print_format avi “$3”

You might need to use -f null.
You might need to escape the $1, $2, and $3 parameters.


How to pass parameter from Main Method to constructor of a new class?

If I created a class with a method as described below, how do I pass the parameters to the constructor?
For example, how can I pass the String a and Integer b to the constructor so that the new instance can be used later in the code?
public class Test {

public static void main(String[] args) {




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