MagicScore Print Sheet Music Free PC/Windows

MagicScore Print Sheet Music is an easy-to-use application that allows you to print sheet music. This application supports different music score file formats including MusicXML, MIDI, Karaoke and sfd (MagicScore).









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MagicScore Print Sheet Music
Andrea Bocelli

Royalty-free music licenses are available for one user at a time.
Royalty free music licenses are available for one user at a time.
For more information contact Genres Software
Email: [email protected]

MagicScore Print Sheet Music Crack

Use MagicScore Print Sheet Music to print MagicScore in a sheet music format. This application allows you to print sheet music of any song, melody, or notes file of any format. This application supports different music score file formats including MusicXML, MIDI, Karaoke and sfd (MagicScore).
MagicScore Print Sheet Music Feature List:
*Support for different music score file formats (including MusicXML, MIDI, Karaoke and sfd)
*It is possible to control printing parameters such as font size, paper type, and paper size.
*Print sheet music in the order you desire
*It is possible to print sheet music for only a single song, a single score, or all songs in a score
*It is possible to print sheet music in landscape or portrait mode
*It is possible to print sheet music for one page or multiple pages
*Print as many copies as you want with 1-Click
*Share sheet music with your friends and family
*Printing parameters can be saved for future use
*Different paper sizes are supported
*It is possible to print sheet music in landscape or portrait mode
*Support for iDevices (iOS and Android)
*It is possible to save the file to your iCloud account for a more convenient use
*It is possible to share the file using Dropbox or with a Print Server
*It is possible to choose a different color of paper
*It is possible to choose paper format
*It is possible to change the margins
*It is possible to choose the sheet music size
*Page orientation can be set
*You can see the number of pages
*You can see the number of sheets
*You can see the page order
*You can print a page and choose the place where it should be printed
*You can choose the print settings
*You can choose to print with or without page numbering
*You can choose to print music scores in normal or mirrored orientation
*You can print music scores in color or black and white
*It is possible to choose the position of the title on the music score page
*Printing time can be estimated for each page
*You can see the music score time of each page
*You can print an instruction sheet
*It is possible to choose how many copies of each sheet to print
*It is possible to print a copy of each page
*You can print only a page (paper feed mode)
*You can print a specific page

What’s New In MagicScore Print Sheet Music?

Fantastic is the latest offering from the BTO Production team. It continues the aim of bringing you the highest quality MIDI clip for modern commercial music production.

The new Fantastical system allows you to compose to the finest detail, modify the structure and explore alternative melodies using a flexible framework of sets of melodic and chordal lines.

Perfect the Fantastical system for your project and bring your music to the next level.

In the past, the fine details of the midi clip were difficult to change or edit in a precise and accurate way.


High resolution audio clip editor

Melody editing tools with chordal lines:

– Add melodic lines using the mini-keyboard

– Add chordal lines using the automatic or manual modes

– Adjust the pitch of the line using the piano keyboard

– Delete line and chords or move line

– Draw line (with or without pulse)

– Add/delete/move note for line, chord or set (to add new notes)

– Move chords or notes inside the line

– Modify the duration of lines or chords

– Add or remove sub-notes,…

– Automatically convert to the correct staff/key

Fantastical can edit all the main midi clip parameters except volume. You can edit all the main midi clip parameters except volume.

A beautiful clip editor for midi clip, allowing you to modify the main midi clip parameters without any need to import the original midi clip.

This is a simple tool for composing midi clip. It is available in Standard and Pro versions. The standard version has the same functionalities than the pro version but uses lower resoultion.


– New design for more ergonomic use

– High resolution

– Fast

– High performing

– Easy to use


– low quality audio

– low quality rendering

– more expensive than other applications


– Use the keyboard or mouse to play midi clip (auto or manual)

– Use the piano keyboard to play the midi note

– Use the left and right mouse to select a chord

– use the left and right mouse buttons to edit the chord (remove or add notes)

– Use the up and down mouse buttons to navigate between a chord and a note

This software is available for standard/pro versions (very similar in both). If you use the standard version, you will have a faster performance.

In this application you will have access to all the midi clip parameters except volume.

To edit midi clip :

1. Double click on a midi clip to open it in Fantastical.


System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
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