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KeyMacro is an application that enables you to manage the keyboard shortcuts with ease. It is a very easy to use program that integrates all the major features of other keyboard macro applications.KeyMacro supports multiple windows and unlimited macros. It is very easy to learn and user friendly.KEYMACRO Features:

This version supports changing keys and assigning a modifier key to a macros key.
With KeyMacro you can assign multiple macros keys to a key. You can also setup macros to a specific window.
KEYMACRO Supports drag and drop. You can copy and paste macros.
You can setup macros based on modifier keys.
You can enable key for a specific application.
You can enable a specific key to be ignore.
When you run a macro, keymacro stores keystrokes and displays the key that was pressed. You can change the display of the key which was pressed using the display format option.
You can save your macros as an EXE file.
You can save your macros as a VBS file.
You can enable multiple back-up files.
You can allow to create your own macros.
You can load or save a special configuration file.
You can load or save a menu editor.
You can save the entire set of keyboard shortcuts to a file.
You can run macros without requiring a mouse.
You can run macros even if the application is minimized.
You can run macros even if the application is being used by another person.
You can edit a macro without closing the application.
You can setup how the application reacts to the clipboard (from and to).
You can setup what happens when a command is typed into the search window.
You can set the default key that is used when keymacro is started.
You can run keymacro as an administrator.
You can assign custom keystrokes to a keyboard button.
You can create multiple commands for the same macro.
You can perform multiple actions in one macro.
You can record macros using the optional window recording.
You can play back macros using the optional window playback.
You can create your own macros.
You can create your own menu items.
KEYMACRO Manage your keyboard shortcuts with ease.
Enjoy the flexibility of KeyMacro.
You can quickly access all of the functionality of the application by simply touching the keys on your keyboard.
KeyMacro also has a user friendly GUI that makes it easy to configure, modify 384a16bd22

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Note: the API doc is located at:
Version 1.0: Initial release
Detailed Description
JBezier is a Java library that enables developers to create Bézier curves and
Bézier curves which are used for animation. Additionally, JBezier includes
classes that enable you to manipulate these curves in real-time as well as
port them to a number of programming languages.
JBezier is a BSD license and is available for download from SourceForge.
KEYMACRO Requirements:
Additional Requirements
Java 1.2 or above
JBezier Overview
Bézier curves are curves that
cannot be represented using linear algebra or algebraic equations. The
Bézier curve is not a function. A Bézier curve is an object that is
represented using three control points:
S0 = ( x0, y0 )
S1 = ( x1, y1 )
S2 = ( x2, y2 )
An example Bézier curve:
x = 0.5 * x0 + 0.25 * x1 + 0.5 * x2 y = 0.5 * y0 + 0.25 * y1 + y2
In the above diagram the x and y axes are pictured as horizontal and vertical axes, respectively.
The points on the Bézier curve are represented by the coordinates of their corresponding
control points. In order for a Bézier curve to pass through a point, it must pass through all the
points on the curve from the control point corresponding to the point that it is being passed
Additionally, two points on a Bézier curve can always be joined with a straight line
If a Bézier curve has two control points on the curve, it has two segments. These segments
can be joined by any point on the curve. If a curve has three control points, it has three
segments. If a curve has four control points, it has four segments, and so on.
It is important to note that as each curve is represented by a point in the coordinates
space, curves have a one-to-one mapping with the points of the space.
JBezier is designed to be used as a library, not as a graphics library. It is designed


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