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Idesoft Bibliotecas Xl Serial 49


Mar 26, 2020
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RUDOLPH SCHMITZ – FranceRUDOLPH SCHMITZ (1932) – didactic illustrations, author and illustrator (double bass) of many songs published by Binghamton. Collaborated with his father Albert during the early years of the Binghamton publishing program (Binghamton University Press). Commissioned to illustrate 100 slides for a credit-units course in visual communications…. The American Broadcasting Company commissioned him to illustrate an instructional slide series for its new C-16 scanner. (Rudolf) Schmitt was a long time member of the composition board at the New York Musical Association. It’s been said that he first experienced Schumann’s music at that institution. The only time he heard Liszt’s music was in the same place. He taught voice in Syracuse for many years. He died August 2, 2008.

STEVE SCHROEDER – USABIBLE STEVE SCHROEDER (1947) – a prolific author of ten books on computer graphics, animation, and digital imaging. He wrote the first two books for the Apple II computer. A pioneer of the personal computer graphics business, he is the author of the best-selling book, Computer Graphics. This is the book used by most computer artists and software artists as a reference book. A lot of artists, especially the old-timers, work a lot to figure things out for themselves. So many of them learn how to draw from this book. Steve Schroeder always said he learned how to draw from looking at the work of other artists. He was the first artist to see that you could tell a lot about a drawing by looking at the digital images it had been saved as. He saw that you could store images in a database and generate works on a screen and have them look just like the originals. He was a big-time pioneer in computer graphics. His book computer graphics on CDROM, published in 1990 is still in print and sells for hundreds of dollars on used book


Matteo Bauza -tà vernissage ICA 2015 vernissage ICA 2015. Il visore della cronaca: il sistema di controllo di guardia segnalazioni su navi della polizia marittima italiana, basato su’ Idesoft Bibliotecas Xl Serial 49.
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