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Designed as a graphical interface for PNGOut, PNGOptim is an easy-to-use Java-based tool designed to optimize PNG images in bulk, in order to reduce the size they occupy on the disk.
It automatically does this by taking into account predefined settings, so it can be used even by those inexperienced with such software.
No setup required, besides Java
The app’s not wrapped in a setup kit, so you can copy the downloaded file to a custom location on the HDD and just double-click it to launch the program. Just keep in mind that you must have Java installed, since it was developed using this platform.
On the other hand, it doesn’t change the Windows registry configuration, need other DLLs to run, or create extra files on the disk without your permission.
Automatically optimize PNG photos
As far as the interface is concerned, PNGOptim opts for a normal window with a plain and simple structure, where all you have to do is add PNG images to the task list via drag-and-drop support. It’s also possible to drag directories to take into account all containing PNG files.
The optimization process is immediately carried out, after which you can check out the name, status and size difference (percent) of each file. Apart from the fact that you can recursively process the directories, there are no other noteworthy options available.
Worth noting is that the utility processes the original files, so you may be interested in performing backups before resorting to this application, in case you’re not satisfied with the post-job results.
Evaluation and conclusion
Optimization jobs were carried out swiftly in our tests, during which PNGOptim remained light on system resources usage. It didn’t hang, crash or indicate errors. Although it’s not that feature-rich, PNGOptim provides you with a speedy solution for PNG optimization.
PNGOptim Description:

The Pngcrush utility is used to convert PNG images to JPEG, JPG, and TIFF formats.
The program can be used to resize images and quickly reduce the size of a PNG image. This is done by compressing the pixels of the image into a smaller bitmap. This process can lead to a eea19f52d2

Description Interest is used to calculate the interest that you can`t pay back your loan until the end of your loan period.
What interest does:
It calculates the interest that you pay back your loan during the whole term of your loan, in monthly intervals.
The interest of the first period is calculated at the start of the period.
Then it is compounded with the interest of the next periods.
When the interest is doubled in one period, a new interest cycle begins.
When interest is only compounded and there is no doubling of interest, only one interest period per month applies to the whole term of the loan.
Let`s say you have a loan of 100.000 € with a 5 year term and a yearly interest rate of 6% that is compounded monthly.
The first interest period of the loan applies from January 1, 2006 until June 1, 2006 with a monthly interest rate of 0.06% and a interest amount of 6.000 €,
then you start a second interest period from June 1, 2006 until September 1, 2006 with a monthly interest rate of 0.06% and a interest amount of 6.000 €.
Since there is a 6% interest rate and 6 monthly periods, the overall interest amount is 42.000 €.
When the interest rate is doubled at the end of the first and the second period of the loan (0.12% and 0.12%) the monthly interest amount is now doubled.
One year later at the end of the 3rd period of the loan (0.24% and 0.24%) the monthly interest amount is tripled.

Erik Wouters 2002, 2004 and 2006. Interest: Taulant Gocaraj: Died in July 2010.

> Implemented addition and multiplication with the aid of some new constructs, like
> pair/ operator. Added some restrictions to the model and implemented some changes to get rid of
> some problematic results. Furthermore, I have made one small simplification to the
> model. Basically, it now calculates the interest on the complete interest amount, not
> only half of it.
> So it turns out that I have now some bugs fixed, but it is only to make this
> newsgroup a bit nicer. But this also means that Iгѓгўг¤гѓгѓгѓђг¦гѓігѓгѓјг/

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