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The QIF2CSV Converter is a software program that can be used in order to help individuals transform their bank transactions to a CSV format.
Suitable to all interface
The installation process does not offer to download or add any third-party products, and it is over in just a few moments. If you are interested in bypassing it, you should know there is also a portable version of this app, called Portable QIF2CSV Converter – The UI you come face to face with presents a design which can only be characterized as simple and clean.
As a result, both power and novice users can find their way around it, without facing any kind of difficulties. Moreover, just in case you cannot handle it all by yourself, you should know that Help contents are provided.
Upload items and convert them, as well as save logs
This software utility enables you to upload files from the hard drive only with the help of the integrated file browser, as the “drag and drop” function is not supported. A CSV will be saved to the same location as the source item, in a matter of seconds, while the main window will displays logs. You should also know that the latter can be saved to the hard drive in a LOG format.
Aside from that, it is possible to read and write the dates in an US or European format. To be more precise, you have to choose between month-day and day-month.
Resource requirements are minimal, the response time is good, the interface is friendly and Help contents are provided. Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say QIF2CSV Converter is an efficient piece of software. Nevertheless, it may be a bit too simple for power users.




As already mentioned, QIF2CSV Converter is a software program designed for users who wish to convert their files in a more structured manner. This application helps individuals to download all items contained in one or more Microsoft QIF files. What is more, it makes it possible to convert them to a CSV format.
When you open the program, the interface will offer you a list of available functions. You can choose between Download and Update from your QIF file, and Preview items which are not yet in the CSV. The application also lets you organize your account by pressing on Account and manage all your account at once by eea19f52d2


IPTarget is a small and simple Dynamic DNS client for Windows. All of its options are accessible through a multi-tabbed dialog box.
This dialog box is used to launch the IPTarget main program, configure the dynamic DNS provider, set the global zone, and control the frequency with which it should update the ZoneEdit server.
After configuring the “General” dialog box, select a “Zone” to display its properties. This is the primary dialog box you will use to view and change settings for your ZoneEdit managed domain.
Select a “Primary” or “Secondary” domain name to display its properties. This is where you can display the domain name on which you wish to run the “IPTarget” program.
Select the domain name under which you wish to define IP rules for this program. The “IPTarget” program will make periodic HTTP requests to obtain the domain’s IP address.
The IP address can be obtained from the web interface on one of the networking devices. For example, if your home’s DSL modem serves as your ISP, then this can be obtained by viewing the “Status” page in the web interface.
The IP address can also be obtained by running the “IPTarget” program directly.
If the IP address changes, then you will be e-mailed.
You can manually trigger an IP address query or a ZoneEdit update.
If you are using a specific DNS service provider, select the provider name and a “Time to live” value.
You can check whether the “IPTarget” program has been launched in the past by viewing the “Status” section.
By default, the program checks the ZoneEdit server daily at 1:00 AM local time. The frequency with which it should check can be changed under the “Timed” tab.
If no error occurs, and if the ZoneEdit server responds correctly, then the “Status” section will display the domain’s current IP address.
There are more than 100 providers of dynamic DNS services. Select one and click “Load settings.”
When the program has fully loaded the settings from the selected provider, click “Save settings.”
The program will now be configured to use the selected DNS service. It is important to note that you must have a valid account with the selected provider.
If you wish to set up more than one dynamic DNS provider, then select a provider for each one.
The DNS settings for this program will be saved in “IPTarget.ini.”
When you


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