Create and edit timelines

Add events, people, entities, documents, and states.

Attach them to any timeline event.

Create timelines.

Update existing timelines.

Export to XML or HTML, PNG, JPG, and BMP.

Integrate data from other sources.

Import and export to Excel, CSV, OPML, and XML.

Durations are calculated automatically.

Timelines can be saved or shared as HTML files or images.

Share timelines with others via FTP, email, or social media.

Automatically organize timelines into projects.

The software automatically creates a ‘Recent Timeline’ from any archive.

Auto-updates for bug fixes and enhancements.

Download Aeon Timeline.exe file

Note: Aeon Timeline will only save projects to AEONXML format. The software can export timelines to PNG, BMP, JPG, CSV, HTML, OPML and XML files.

Operating System:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Program Size:

119 MB

Free Download Aeon Timeline.exe

Other features:

Available in 23 languages

Creation of timelines in various formats:







Google docs



Exercise: Edit timeline


Open Aeon Timeline ‘Recent Timeline’ in your computer.

A timeline can be created using this tool (but it is already created in the beginning).

-Go to Timeline – Add – Timeline – New Event

Choose the name for the event

Choose event type

Choose the start date

Choose the end date

Choose the duration (optional)

Click OK

And that’s it! The event is added into the timeline.


Open timeline to export

Choose the type of timeline

Choose the format of export (PNG, BMP, JPG, SVG, PDF, TIFF, HTML)

Choose the output folder

Choose the output file

Click save

Information about the event is shown in the list

or: Click on the event

More info:

In the Inspector window you can see the eea19f52d2

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