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Easy Audio Recording Macro
With this plugin you can record, play, loop, stop, and adjust parameters of any selected sound, with the click of a button.
The sound you’re recording can be set to go off at a certain frame, and you can also have audio to go on for a given number of frames. This allows you to write music that has a constant pitch or sound, even if the frame rate changes.
KEYMACRO can also be used as a looping plugin. If you set your sound to go off at a given frame and set a keyframe value of 100 frames, KEYMACRO can play the sound until it reaches the next keyframe. Of course you can set this value to any number, so you can even have loops of an indefinite length.
KEYMACRO is very useful when you want to play a long sound (be it a melody or a looped sound) but have to do something else at the same time. For example you want to open a folder while playing a sound.
KEYMACRO’s intuitive interface allows you to edit the parameters for your selected sound with just a few clicks. It also provides a lot of help messages that will make the whole process even easier.

HyperShock Description:
“Essential for MCs”

HyperShock is a multitrack drum machine that mimics the sound of an analogue drum machine. It features a sequencer, a built-in sampler, an effects section and a dedicated preset manager. As with most drum machines it allows you to manipulate the volume of the drum sounds and mix them with sounds from other drum machines. It also offers crossfading effects between drums.
Many of HyperShock’s features are oriented towards Hip Hop and Rap. It allows you to use up to 16 patterns in a row in any sequence, making it easy to play over complex mixes. It also allows you to save your presets, allowing you to load up to 64 at a time.
HyperShock also has great ways of converting between standard patterns, making it even easier to create your own drum patterns and to share them with your friends. It also allows you to add effects, like compression and EQ, and to create its own effects like reverbs and delays.

Galaxy Description:
“Solo Instrumentalist”

Galaxy is the first drum machine to feature live-coding (or beat programming) technology, which gives you access to every tiny 4f8c9c8613

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-View and print possible matches with media
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