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FurMark Free Download is a free application designed to stress and test NVIDIA/AMD video cards to their maximum limits. The goal of FurMark Crack Free Download is to help you understand how well your video card is really performing when compared to other video cards in the same price range. FurMark Serial Key is a CPU-only benchmark which focuses on maximum performance. FurMark is designed to run 24/7 without problems even on the most demanding games. FurMark can help you validate and optimize your video card for the maximum performance and can also help you find out which video card is best for you.
Key features:

You can keep track of your system temperature by an intuitive interface and data view

Detailed results can be compared online with the help of a free database

Allows testing up to five video cards at once

You can start with a predefined Test Case if you just want to test how your video card performs or you can customize everything

You can choose to run the custom or Fullscreen mode

There is a fully adjustable settings window

There are several fire and water effects to choose from

It also automatically displays a warning that you should not run at 100% power if you don’t know what you are doing

FurMark User Manual:
1. Install and run FurMark
FurMark can be installed easily through Steam or Google Play Store. If Steam is used, FurMark will automatically recognize your video card and adjust settings accordingly.

2. Launch FurMark
The first time you run FurMark, a small license dialog will appear. A license should be purchased if you want to run FurMark permanently on your computer. In case you are not yet paid for the license, you can use the license code which you will receive from support@idle-n-come.com.

3. Enter Test Case or Customize
Use the following buttons to run a predefined or custom benchmark. FurMark offers 4 test cases which can be selected through a conveniently located checkbox on the main menu. After the test is finished, results will be displayed in a separate window.

4. Settings
Select through the buttons in the settings dialog any of the following setting features.

Dynamic background mode: let FurMark run while you are watching movies or TV on your PC with dynamic screen information. Your computer will show the current resolution and dynamic background image. It is recommended to enable this feature.

Camera: let FurMark display the webcam in your computer screen.

FurMark Crack PC/Windows

We’ve all experienced the frustration of waiting for a program to load, and then it just stops – no window appears, nothing appears to be happening. That is what can happen when you run a benchmark, but you also run into frustration when you try to get those performance results from the program. You may even decide to try running a benchmark on the next PC you upgrade, maybe for more accurate results, but when nothing happens at all – just a desktop, you may be stuck in a situation where you have no results to show for it.
Finally, you can run benchmarks on your system without frustration. FurMark is a free and open source (GPL) benchmarking and stress testing utility which will stress test not only your CPU and GPU, but the bus structures, driver, and hardware in general. FurMark has a lot of neat features which may help determine your hardware’s true potential, such as setting performance budget and watchdog timeout, isolating your components in a loop, allowing for multiple tests with different components, and much more.
FurMark Features:
• Designed to work without UI or window
• CPU/GPU/bus stress testing
• 1 window, split into two areas – CPU and GPU
• Stress test your GPU
• Benchmark your CPU
• Limit your testing
• Save performance tests, etc.
• Allows for multiple testing with different components in a loop
• Provides a test menu for all your components
• Provides a HUD for GPU, GPU, CPU, Memory, Process usage, network, IO, etc
• Supports custom files and image sets.
• Customizable key mappings
• Uses Windows title bar icons (or any other set of icons)
• Sends input events to Windows
• Watchdog timeout and a performance budget
• Ability to pause and resume benchmarks
• Supports GPU-Z, CPU-Z, tools, etc.
• Provides logs of all actions, writes, reads, etc.
• Monitor speed, etc.
• Allows for setting monitors, etc.
• Tabbed configuration
• Auto starts on boot
• Full version controls
• Compiles with GCC
• Open source (GPL)
• No patents
Downloads: FurMark (Windows), FurMark (Linux)
How to Use FurMark:
This tool is Open Source and free. To run it on Windows, follow this guide:
Install FurMark 1) Install FurMark using the link below if you haven’t already.


System stress testing tool for AMD GPUs featuring high quality photo-realistic rendering, fullscreen gaming with DirectX 10 acceleration and ultra-realistic GPU temperature monitoring with dynamic GPU activity. FurMark for AMD GPUs is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.
What We Liked:
* Predefined and custom stress tests running in mere seconds
* Plenty of options to play around with
* Great reporting including CPU usage and Mhz frequency
* Offers a final report that can be shared online
What We Disliked:
* None really
* Some slight lag when running FurMark
Final Thought
FurMark is one of the more complete stress test utilities available. It features a robust user interface and showcases all its options to offer users a plethora of possibilities. You are able to run a full suite of stress tests using the presets and also make the test run faster by tweaking it with the advanced settings. Results can be compared with peers online or saved for later comparison. You are also able to run up to four different stress tests without any problems. FurMark is a great tool to learn how much the GPU can do and you won’t need to get blown away to realize its full potential.

After testing and using one of the fastest and greatest SSDs, the Samsung 850 EVO, on our PC, we decided that it was time to see what the other great SSDs did. Obviously, with such an expensive drive, we couldn’t just give it a passing grade. We did our best to pick the best SSDs out of the bunch.
Things to Note:

Every drive is different and will perform a bit differently, however, we felt that the drives below had to perform well to keep up with the 850 EVO. They all have to be able to handle the tremendous write and read throughput of the 850 EVO.
This is not a review of any of the drives, it is simply one vendor’s view.
None of the drives tested here were tested or used for their warranty. If you find a drive that we have tested and have a full warranty, feel free to email us at review@notebookreview.com.
All SSDs are handled with the same configurations and none were formatted using any OEM software. All firmware and software that handled the SSDs was installed on the primary SSD. All SSDs were installed onto Crucial BX100 M.2 PCIe M.2 2242

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What’s New in the?

Ensure that your graphics card can withstand the maximum stress for as long as possible. Use FurMark to get up close and personal with your GPU. Set its performance to its limits with this 30-minute long benchmark, then share the result with others.

Size: 10.35 MB

How to get it

Search for FurMark in the Windows Store.

The review text above was copied from the app’s description.

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Require pass in multiple parameters in nodejs

So I want to have a route that can pass in a Object.
router.get(‘/:slug/:id’, isLoggedIn, function (req, res) {

So this will obviously not work. But is there any way to do this. Something like
router.get(‘/:slug:id’, function () {


I have looked up a few possible ways to do this but none seem to work. I was thinking something along the lines of.
“slug”: “second-post”
“id”: 3

Is there a way for this to work? I am using expressjs and backbonejs.


Even if you could do this, it would likely be a bad idea. For one thing, you can’t verify that any key exists in the request object. You have to enumerate all possible keys, and then test for each one before deciding whether or not to use it. This would be inefficient and hard to maintain.
On the other hand, it’s not at all clear from the question what you’re trying to accomplish. You don’t describe how you’re planning to use the slug as a route parameter. It certainly isn’t common for a slug to be a valid path component, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to use it to construct routes.
It seems far more likely that you’re trying to handle pagination. If that is the case, then something like backbone.paginator would be an excellent choice.

Aleksei Rogozhin

Aleksei Igorevich Rogozhin (; born 22 August 1970) is a Russian professional football coach

System Requirements For FurMark:

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 3 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard disk: 4 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 or equivalent
Sound: Microsoft® Windows® 7 or newer
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Requirements:
CD-ROM Drive
Additional Notes:
Shareware: Game will start in “


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