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MAYAM is a DICOM viewer and annotation tool. The main goal of this application is to offer a simple way to view and work with the data stored in DICOM images. For this reason MAYAM will access the DICOM images using IHE’s DICOM Imaging and Management API V2 (DIMA V2)
The main features of MAYAM are:
* Annotation
* Zoom-in & Zoom-out
* Support for DICOM Attribute Dictionary
* Get Patient Information (From PACS)
* Patient Information
* Get Study Information
* Log in to DICOMRAO
* List your Studies
* Log in to DICOMRAO
* Get Access to your studies
* Display a Patient’s studies
* Get Patient’s SOP Instance UID
* List the Instances of the Patient
* Get Patient’s SOP Instances UID
* List the SOP Instances of the Patient
* Get Tumour
* List the Tumours
* Get Tumour Volume
* Get Tumour Size
* Measure Tumour
* Measure Tumour Size
* Measure Tumour Volume
* Measure Tumour Location
* Get Tumour’s Position
* Get Tumour Characteristics
* get Physician
* Get Doctor’s Name
* Get Doctor’s Service
* Get Doctor’s Role
* Get Doctor’s Hospital
* Get Doctor’s E-Mail
* Log in to DICOMRAO
* Get Log In Info
* Get Patient Characteristics
* Get Study Characteristics
* Get Patient Treatment
* Get Patient’s Procedure, Study Number and Study Type
* Get Patient’s Procedure Instances UID
* Get Patient’s Study Instances UID
* Get Patient’s Study Data
* Get Study’s Patient Characteristics
* Get Study’s Treatment
* Get Study’s Procedure, Study Number and Study Type
* Get Study’s Procedure Instances UID
* Get Study’s Patient Characteristics
* Get Study’s Treatment
* Get Study’s Procedure, Study Number and Study Type
* Get Study’s Procedure Instances UID
* Get Study’s Patient Characteristics
* Get Study’s Procedure
* Get Study’s Procedure Instances UID
* Get Study’s Patient Characteristics
* Get Study’s Treatment
* Get Study’s Procedure, Study Number and Study Type
* Get Study’s Procedure Instances UID
* Get Study’s Patient eea19f52d2


SafeFileManager is a Java-based file manager that supports multiple panes and enables you to perform basic file operations, such as copying, moving, renaming or deleting items. It’s easy to set up, as long as you have Java installed.
Open multiple panes for easy file management
It’s wrapped in a large window with a well-structured layout that shows two panes for navigating two disk directories. It’s possible to add as many panes as you want and re-arrange them in any way in the window, or order them horizontally, vertically or cascaded.
Drag-and-drop is not supported for copying files and folders. However, you can use the buttons displayed on top of each pane to copy one or more selected files or folders. The items are retained in a Clipboard that influences only SafeFileManager, and they can be pasted in the location of the current pane or another one.
Perform basic file and folder operations
In a similar manner, it’s possible to move files or folders, rename or delete them, create new directories, jump to the root to access any local, removable or network partition, refresh the contents shown in the current location, go to the previous or next directory, as well as find out the size and date of last modification of each listed file. Bookmarks can be created to later jump to various locations by selecting their entry from a list.
During a transfer task, the application brings up a new window to the screen, where you can track progress and find out the size, destination, number of copies, and verification status for each file. This job can be paused or stopped.
Furthermore, you can specify the maximum data rate to limit the transfer speed. Another noteworthy aspect is that the time of last modification can be preserved throughout file transfers. Multiple UI languages are supported.
Performance results and observations
The app didn’t crash or prompt error messages in our tests. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal. We’ve noticed that the options for auto-placing the panes vertically and horizontally are inverted.
Unfortunately, the software tool doesn’t support drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts. It entered a loop when attempting to copy files which were being used at the time, and we failed in our attempt to cancel or pause the task, as well as to exit the transfer window (we had to forcefully end Java’s process from the task manager to restart the application).
Plus, the statistics displayed in the file transfer window suggest that the


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