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FBDownloader is a program designed to make your Facebook logins easier to remember. This utility gives you the ability to open the website facebook.com with a simple click of your mouse, after entering your login and password, a list of your albums will be displayed with all the pictures inside.
As you can easily see, it’s quite easy to grab photos from Facebook. Just choose the pictures you want and click the Download button. All your photos are saved to your computer’s desktop with a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file extension.
Since FBDownloader is also a portable software, the most convenient way to use it is to save it to a CD/DVD and carry it around with you. It is a good idea to make sure you choose a folder where you can save all the pictures you download, so that you can easily find them later.

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iHackFB, developed by FiXx0rz, is an application that allows you to get free Facebook accounts without a Facebook account. It uses the contacts you have on your phone to find the best Facebook accounts.
You don’t need to be on the same wifi network as the source. The information are encoded as a QR-code and saved on your phone.
For free you only need to scan the code. At the end of the scan, you’ll get free accounts that you can use with all the applications that support Facebook.
If you’re tired of creating fake accounts or your account has been hacked, this app can be used to find a new account for you.
Furthermore, this app has an option to find accounts by email.
Lastly, this is a free app, you don’t need to install it in your device to use it.

How To Use:

1. First, launch the app on your phone.
2. You’ll see the list of your contacts. You should select your friend whose Facebook account you’re after.
3. Press the Scan Facebook button.
4. You’ll see the information of the contact’s Facebook account.
5. You can use the app in case you need to find a new Facebook account.

NOTE: The number of Facebook accounts found in this app might be less than 100 per hour. However, with the Facebook account scanner app you can find

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KeyMacro is a program that allows the user to define Macros for Mac OS X or Windows.
It allows you to define up to five Macros. One Macro is comprised of up to 20 keystrokes. You can assign macros to many keys. It is possible to assign a key to more than one Macro. Also, it is possible to assign the same Macro to two keys.
Quickly create Macro:
You can create a Macro quickly by entering the complete sequence of the command, and the Macros will be generated in a text file.
Create a Macro of your own:
You can use the keyboard you want, with whatever character set you want, for the entire Macro. There is no time limit, but you can not add characters or macros you did not have access to.
Macros Definition:
In order to define a Macro, you are required to input the complete command on the keyboard, followed by the name of the Macro. It is possible to define the options to the Macro, as well as the keyboard combination, and the Macro keys.
You can edit the definition of a Macro you already have or create a new Macro with the Macros editor.
Possible Actions:
A Macro has the option of doing one of the following actions.
Play a sound: This Macro could play the sound defined as a command.
Execute a string of text: This Macro could execute a string of text.
Do a Windows shortcut: This Macro could make a shortcut on the desktop or open a folder or a program.
Possible Keyboard Combinations:
A Macro has the option of doing one of the following keyboard combinations.
The option to repeat the last macro: If the macro is repeated, it will be performed.
The option to execute the previous macro: If the Macro is executed, it will be performed.
The option to use the same key for more than one Macro: You can use the same key for up to five Macros.
Possible Macros:
You can make an unlimited number of Macros. It is possible to assign the same Macro to more than one key.
The command to open an image: This Macro could open a picture, or a PDF file.
The command to close a picture: This Macro could close a picture.
The command to get information about the picture: This Macro could get information about the picture, such as the name of the album, the total number of pictures, etc.
Other Command Examples

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What’s New in Google Chrome 6.0.472.33?This version brings a few tweaks, fixes, and security enhancements. Check out the Details below for more.

– Support for the touch events on IExplorer 8.0

– The elements are now properly sorted by CSS order in a cascading manner. The exceptions are some of the elements which are set to display:block.

– Added privacy check for popup windows so that they are not shown when there is a tab with the same name in the Chrome browser.

– Fixed some bugs.

Changelog in Google Chrome 6.0.472.33

* Addressed a high memory leak in a web content process. * Added permission for user data list to the user interface. * Fixed a problem that prevented many extensions from loading. * Fixed an issue that prevented the access to the password manager from the web content process. * Fixed a memory leak in the downloaded history files. * Fixed a problem that prevented the use of touch events in the Internet Explorer 8.* Support for the touch events on Internet Explorer 8.* Added a “Privacy check” to popup windows. * Fixed some bugs.

* Fixed a problem where it was not possible to add a shortcut on the desktop for the web content process. * Added “Attach Window” button to the popup window of web content process. * Added “close tab” to the pop up menu of the web content process. * Enabled the collection of passwords in the password manager. * Updated the UI of the web content process. * Fixed a problem where the UI of the web content process was missing.

Piwigo is the most complete image manager web portal ever. Its features include a single-image view, the integration of image processing algorithms, an XML rss reader and more. Piwigo Features: * Integrates an efficient image processing pipeline using a combination of image processing algorithms: Scale, Crop, Straighten, Deskew, Add/Delete color effects, Sharpen, Resize and Compress. * Suitable for web sites and mobile phones. * A plugin system enables the installation of additional components. * A web interface allows you to browse the site and handle the images. * Supports a MySQL database back-end. * A rss reader feeds images from other sites on the Internet. * Customization of the site and its appearance. * A gallery

What’s New In FBDownloader?

FBDownloader is a tiny, yet efficient software tool whose sole purpose is to help you download particular photographs from Facebook with just a few clicks.
Clean interface
The interface you are met with encloses a design which can only be described as being simple and straightforward, as it is only comprised of a few buttons and boxes. This means it is suitable to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with computers. Moreover, you should know the UI includes a few tips on how to properly get around it, thus ensuring you can handle it with great ease.
Grab photos using their colors or a black-and-white effect
First and foremost, you should know you are required to input your Facebook credentials, so that this software app can easily detect all the pictures that interest you. It enables you to download all the photos you have been tagged in by your friends, to a custom location on hard drive, with just a click of the button.
In addition to that, you can view all the pictures you have uploaded to Facebook, along with the name of the album, and the total number of pictures included. It is possible to download only the albums that interest you or all of them to a selected folder.
Last, but not least, you can view and grab all the pictures of one of your Facebook friends, by selecting his or her name from a built-in drop-down list. You should also know that regardless of the images you might want to download, it is possible to save them colored or using a black-and-white effect.
Bottom line
In conclusion, FBDownloader is a simple, yet pretty powerful piece of software when it comes to grabbing pictures from Facebook. The response time is pretty good, the CPU and memory usage is low regardless of the process running, and the environment is friendly to all user types.
Download Free APK:

There are a lot of Facebook apps that help people to download their Facebook photos into a selected folder and organize the photos. But most of them don’t have the lastest version.

There are a lot of Facebook apps that help people to download their Facebook photos into a selected folder and organize the photos. But most of them don’t have the lastest version.
In this video, we will show you some of the best apps in the Play Store to download Facebook photos.
Ff downloader

Download Ff downloader

Facebook Downloader

Download Facebook Downloader

System Requirements For FBDownloader:

Running on Intel i5-4690K or AMD equivalent CPU
Depend on my GPU, the minimum is Nvidia GTX 970 4GB
Depend on my RAM, the minimum is 16GB
Depend on my HDD space, the minimum is 30GB
For those who are really new, you might wanna check out my set up.
Can’t be bothered to read the whole post? Jump to my best setup section below.
What is PerfHUD?
PerfHUD, is an auto-updater of all your


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