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KEYMACRO turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote for your PC, including the ability to control media playback.
KEYMACRO is free, works right out of the box, and integrates with iTunes. It is the first remote application on the market to fully support the iPhone and iPod Touch.
KEYMACRO also brings a new interface and free updates to the popular KeyMacro remote, now with iPhone and iPod Touch support.
KEYMACRO includes:
* Streaming support for over 30 media players
* Direct access to settings, volume, brightness, and playback control
* Hands-free volume control
* Playback controls that are easy to use and understand
* Free updates with new features and fixes
KEYMACRO requires iPhone, iPod Touch or any computer running Windows 7, Vista or XP.
How to:
* Open iTunes, go to your iPhone or iPod Touch
* Tap the apps button in iTunes
* Tap the Search icon in the Apps section
* Type KEYMACRO into the search box
* Install the app
* Sync the app with your iPhone
* Go to the Settings section
* Tap iCloud
* Tap On
* Tap Keymacro
* Tap the Back button on your iPhone or iPod Touch
* Set the Remote to On
* Sync the remote with iTunes
* Open iTunes and go to your iPhone or iPod Touch
* Open the Keys panel
* Touch the Main Keys button
* Set the Main Keys to the remote your are using
* Set the Key to Play
* Close the Keys panel
* Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch to airplane mode
* Launch the remote
* Press the remote’s Main Keys button
* Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch to normal mode
* Open iTunes and go to your iPhone or iPod Touch
* Open the Keys panel
* Touch the Playback button
* Set the key to Playback, then set the Remote to On
* Close the Keys panel

Phenomenal Visualization for Art, Music, Weather, Finance and Math
The visualization of complex data using Google Chart API (the Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart and the Stacked Bar Chart) and its value (the Mean, Median, Variance and Standard Deviation) can be very useful in getting a quick understanding of the data.
Here, the chart uses the data set of the United States (with the number of farm workers), using the latitude and longitude of each place. It is 84e02134c1

Tipard iPod to PC Transfer
MFMP3 for Windows
File Sweeper
Code Writer
Portable GPU Caps Viewer
ACE Mega CoDecS Pack
TSDC – Total Service and Driver Control
Sybase Metadata Extractor
AKRAM Media Creator
Adobe RoboHelp Server
Social Pro
ELS Vocoder

HT Work Focus provides users with the best methods to easily gain a better understanding of their computer usage. This program provides a user-friendly interface, allowing to track the most frequently visited websites and apps on a computer.
HT Work Focus Features:

Track all websites visited in a short period of time.
Block websites to help users get rid of distractions.
Choose the maximum idleness time.
Add tracking to other windows, such as office, email, calendar, and IM applications.
Track various applications.
Report on applications, websites, windows, and idle time.

HT Work Focus provides excellent versatility with extensive tracking features.

HT Work Focus Supported Operating Systems:
HT Work Focus can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

HT Work Focus Requirements:
HT Work Focus is an online service that requires an Internet connection to track various applications, websites, and applications.

HT Work Focus Free Trial:
HT Work Focus provides users with a seven-day free trial in order to help them make a decision about its use.

HT Work Focus Trial Version:
HT Work Focus is an open source program that can be downloaded at no cost.

HT Work Focus Download:
HT Work Focus is available for both Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. HT Work Focus uses either the Firefox or the Chrome web browser.

HT Work Focus Forum:
Users can post questions and comments on HT Work Focus at its official forum.

HT Work Focus Technical Support:
HT Work Focus offers excellent support via email.

HT Work Focus Download for PC:
The program can be downloaded for free from the official website.

HT Work Focus Screenshots:

How to Install HT Work Focus on a Computer:

1) Download and extract the HT Work Focus archive file.

2) Run the HT Work Focus installation file.

3) Accept the terms and conditions and run HT Work Focus.

How to Use HT Work Focus on a Computer:

1) After installing HT Work Focus, launch the program.

2) Click the ‘Home’ button to display the home screen.

3) Click the ‘Track tab’ and select the option that works for you.

4) Click the ‘Settings’ button to change the settings and to change the level of permissions a computer has.

5) Click ‘Home’ to navigate to the home screen.

6) Click the ‘

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