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The only way to ensure that your webpage is being indexed by Google, and other search engines, is by signing up with Google Webmaster Tools. This is a separate program that allows you to monitor your website’s progress in Google’s search index. With the program you can find out if Google has indexed your site at all, and if it did, what keywords and pages in your site were indexed. If your site is not indexed, you can also find out why.
The program gives you an overall view of your site, as well as detailed and specific information about the indexing of each web page. It also allows you to track the activity of each individual search engine, and sort the results of the site check by keyword, date, title, or most recently indexed page.
If you have any questions about Google Webmaster Tools, please ask them in the discussion. There you can also find information about the security of your account, what the program’s terms of use are, and the best way to contact the support team.

WebSiteReporter is a tool that helps you analyze and manage web performance.
It provides web pages indexing, top pages analysis, web search trends and statistics.
WebSiteReporter is the first tool to provide SEO analysis and manage SEO tools like robots.txt.
WebSiteReporter is free to use, it comes with no cost and no ads.

WebSiteReporter Features:


Professional SEO Tools (SEO, Backlink Analyzer, etc.)

Free to use, no cost and no ads.

Fully responsive design.

Top web analysis (top pages, page types, top keywords, top geographic areas, web search trends, etc.)

Top pages by pages, page types, domain names, rank, etc.

WebSiteReporter Description:
WebSiteReporter is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance management and analytics tool to help you get organized and improve your SEO strategies.
WebsiteReporter helps you optimize your website and gain more search engine traffic. It also allows you to manage your website performance with full webmaster tools.
You can measure and monitor many statistics and analyse which pages are currently generating a lot of traffic.
In addition to this, you can search for specific keywords on your website and have a look at the traffic these pages receive.
If you have any questions, you can ask them in the discussion. We will do our best to answer them quickly eea19f52d2

Ecosis Student Information System is a complex application designed to help you manage multiple aspects of an education center, such as kindergartens, art schools, yoga centers or martial art clubs. The software offers you the means to manage memberships, fees and the available curricula/activity board.
Comprehensive application for educational institutions management
Ecosis Student Information System facilitates the supervision of an educational center that involves private management and special cashing in systems. With Ecosis Student Information System, you can run your educational business by yourself, since it helps you monitor multiple important aspects.
The software works with a database program, that enables it to create detailed records, modify them at any time or search for a particular item, using complex filters. Thus, you may easily manage the enrolled students or members, select a custom curriculum for each of them and plan the payment method.
Management board in a software
Ecosis Student Information System allows you to create customizable grades, that include a multitude of subjects, with individual taxation. Thus each payment plan is optimized for a specific student or member, according to the selected subjects. A student’s profile can include several contact details, including parent’s names, for underage pupils.
Additionally, you may configure extra charges for specific services offered by your institution, as well as apply discounts, then let the software automatically calculate the total fee. The payment due by each member is recorded in the database, along with the expiry date, so you can be notified when a certain sum is overdue.
Record transactions and generate bills
Ecosis Student Information System can easily generate bills and payment sheets that you may print or send via email with one click. Moreover, it can create custom reports and it features a batch student transferring option. The software makes it easy for you to add, remove or append database entries, as well as generate reports and bills, as well as set up complex searching filers.

The free ecosis student information system program provides an education/training center. It comes with six user licenses and supports teaching, as well as following types of users: parents, students, teachers, directors, and administrators.

Ecosis Student Information System Summary

Key Features:

Create various school students profiles
Add teachers’ notes
Transfer students to other schools
Update students’ dates of birth
Generate payroll
Add different types of fees
Organize curriculum and deadlines
Set expiration dates

Ecosis Student Information System, is an educational institution application that helpsдєзїзў¬з˜/

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