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import (


// Payload – The payload to be uploaded.
type Payload struct {
// Body – The body of the payload.
Body string

// NewPayload – Instantiate a new payload.
func NewPayload(body string) *Payload {
return &Payload{
Body: body,

// NewRequest creates a new request wrapper.
func NewRequest(rw http.ResponseWriter, context context.Context) *Request {
return &Request{
rw: rw,
context: context,
innerRequest: nil,
responseWriterStub: nil,

// Request – The payload stub.
type Request struct {
rw http.ResponseWriter
context context.Context
innerRequest *http.Request
responseWriterStub *http.ResponseWriter

// InitPayloadStub initializes the payload stub.
func (r *Request) InitPayloadStub() {
r.innerRequest = &http.Request{
Method: “GET”,
URL: “”,
Host: “”,
Proto: “HTTP/1.1”,
UserAgent: “”,
Header: nil,
Body: &Body{},

// InnerRequest – Stores the inner request.
// Will be called by the inner request stub.
func (r *Request) InnerRequest() *http.Request {
return r.innerRequest

// InnerRequestBody – Stores the inner request body.
// Will be called by the inner request


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It’s dangerous to rush to judgment when it comes to political strategy, but after the first few days of the Congressional session, I think it’s safe to say that the biggest mistake Republicans made was not casting out the Susan Collins’ of the world. Within the first twenty-four hours of the 113th Congress, it became apparent that no Republican was safe.

Susan Collins of Maine became a loud outcry after her decision to agree to vote in favor of the “cromnibus” spending bill, and in the process protected Democrat Barack Obama’s executive amnesty. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz began to work on the Susan Collins narrative, and national Democrat organizations and PACs rallied to the cause in what became a violent campaign.

Meanwhile, Republican Conference members who declined to support the GOP leadership were met with nothing but dust and crickets.

At first, it seemed that many Senate Republicans from safe states, such as Arizona and North Dakota, just could not look the same way a Paul or a Cruz looked. Many of these people just sat on the sidelines, hoping for the best.

However, both Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven eventually decided to throw their support behind President Obama’s executive amnesty. Between these two acts, something changed in the Senate.

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