Able Seaman Online

Our online course provides training to mariners who wish to obtain an endorsement to their U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Credential as Able Seaman. Once enrolled, all necessary material will be sent to the mariner to use in conjunction with the online course. Students must complete all online material, student workbook material, pass all online quizzes and upon arrival at CMTI, the mariner must be ready to take the written examinations and demonstrate practical assessments. Testing will be completed at one of our approved testing sites. Coordination must be made in advance.

Any applicant who has successfully completed our 40 hour Able Seaman course will satisfy the:

a) written examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.401(c)(5) and 46 CFR 12.405 for the “Deck & Navigation General / Deck Safety” and “Deck General & Safety / Rules of the Road” exam modules for any Able Seaman endorsement; AND

Rules of the Road 50 questions 70% passing score
Deck General / Deck Safety / Environmental Protection 50 questions 70% passing score

b) practical knowledge of principle knots, bends, splices, and hitches in common use by passing the demonstration portion as required of 46 CFR 12.405 for any Able Seaman endorsement.

Demonstrate 4 mandatory knots, choose 6 other knots from course for a total of 10 knot demonstrations.

Complete 3 strand eye splice within 15 minutes.