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Use for encryption and authentication of very large volumes of data to access over the internet.
Automatically encrypted and protected mail for your users and mail addresses.
Create a secure mail account and access protected files easily.
Compatible with Microsoft Office.
Encrypt documents, emails, and data in a simple and easy way.
MRC Features:
You can manage and automate the system from a web browser, MSFT Management Console, SFTTP Server, MMC
Automatically synchronize with all TFTP servers with a single operation.
Remote access is supported over LAN or WAN.
Create a secure mail account and access protected files easily.
The keymacro backend uses the standard TFTP protocol for uploading. The source file can be a compressed file, a compressed file
with the standard or format 7-Zip, raw zip, or an archive file (7-Zip, tar, zip, 7z, tar.gz).
MRC is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, Server 2003 and Vista.
MRC is written in Delphi, and runs in the background using standard TFTP API. MRC uses only a single processor and 128 MB RAM
One MRC installation can manage multiple TFTP servers, and even multiple sets of keys.
Install TFTP Server
Keymacro can be installed in any folder on the hard disk.
If installed in the default folder, for example, the C:\Program Files\, the application is available without any additional installation.
Keymacro can be uninstalled, unlike most products.
Use the EXE file.
The application uses the standard TFTP protocol to communicate with the server.
Other TFTP protocols can be used.
Enter the appropriate IP address or domain name to the server’s IP address/domain.
If you are using a virtual server, create a TFTP server and set it to be used for keymacro.
Enter the password for your server, and you can protect the server with a strong password.
You can change the password of the server in the Options menu.
If you do not change the password, it will remain the default password.
TFTP Server Configuration
TFTP Server Configuration Menu
Click to open the TFTP server menu.
This can be used to set the IP address and port number of the server.
You can also set the host name or domain name.
For example, if you set a TFTP server with the IP address 192 70238732e0

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The filter can be accessed by pressing the Esc key and you can adjust the parameters by using the tab key. You can always return to the initial state by pressing the Esc key again.
This filter is designed for achieving the Fresnel effect in the photography industry. It can enhance photos with an overall increase in contrast, increase the amount of reflection and increase the absorption of colors. It is also possible to add a medium of brightness to the subject. It is also possible to add a tiny bit of blurring to the image to simulate the retouching.
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The filter is very stable and works equally with any type of image, regardless of the extension.
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