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– Thousands of servers and domains are indexed by Yahoo, Bing and Google.
– Offline is significantly faster than the traditional online operation.
– Sitemaps have been optimized for the Google search engine.
– All Sitemap information is cleaned up.
– Many more features are available in the Premium version.
– The tool is easy to use.
– The tool is portable and can be installed to a USB drive.
– Easily create or change the sitemaps for your favorite sites.
– Exclude folders and files when creating the sitemap.
– Save the sitemap to the USB drive and insert the drive to your computer.
– No internet connection is required.
– Generate the sitemap for 10 domains at once.
– The tool is lightweight.
– Very small size of the application.
– The most powerful features are available only in the Premium version.
– No registration or credit card required.
– Quick, easy and safe way to check the Sitemaps for your favorite sites.
– Enable or disable the Auto-Sync.
– The Auto-Sync mode updates Sitemaps in real time.
– The sitemap is fully compatible with 7z software.
– No third-party software is required to run the tool.
– Notify the user when new updates are available.
– Synchronize the last created sitemap.
– Create up to 100 sitemaps with the built-in templates.
– Generate multiple sitemaps.
– The automatic update feature updates the Sitemaps.
– After each update, Sitemap files are stored in the Desktop directory.
– Restart the tool to clear all sitemap cache files.
– Intuitive user interface.
– The Premium version allows a total control over the features of the tool.
– Portable.
– No more hassle with Internet connection.
– No more Windows updates.
– No ads or background processes.
– No additional plugins are required.


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[Online / Offline]:


Version 1.1.2
– Optimized Smart Offline Sitemap Generator
– Updated Yahoo!


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