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File Size: 40 MB
Developer: AC-3 ACM Codec Team
Category: Audio
Publisher: AC-3 ACM Codec Team
License: Free for both personal and commercial use.

MediaDefender is a simple, lightweight application designed for protection of digital audio media.It does not contain any malicious code, but rather a service that can be used to deny access to illegal files, automatically delete them and then notify the system administrator.
The program is based on a fully-functional program and requires no configuration. But its features can be fully controlled by the user and include basic setting that are used by default.
You can specify the amount of money you would like to spend and what types of files you would like to protect. For example, you can restrict the use of MediaDefender to only MP3 and MP4 files.
In order to save money, and for the sake of simplicity, the program does not include any video protection. But it is more than enough for most users.
This tool is ideal for both home and business use. You can use it to protect your MP3s, DVD’s and all of the other popular digital audio files.
The program can be easily used by both beginners and experts. It does not have any complicated interfaces, and there is an option to guide the user through the entire process.
Because this software is based on a fully functional system component, there is no risk of harm to your system. The program is 100% safe. This is a tool that you can use without fear of having your computer corrupted or infected by viruses.
It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is packaged with a support file that will help you install it as well as receive technical support.
MediaDefender Description:
File Size: 100 MB
Developer: MediaDefender Team
Category: Audio
Publisher: MediaDefender Team
License: Free for both personal and commercial use.

VobSub is a free and easy video converter software. It can convert most video formats into MP4, AVI, WMV, and various other video formats. It can also convert various audio formats to MP3, AAC, OGG, etc. VobSub provides a large selection of output formats.
VobSub Description:
File Size: 50 MB
Developer: V eea19f52d2

Significant Client is a useful utility to apply digital signatures and stamps to PDF files. The application can use custom certificates or other digital signatures and stamps.
Supported digital signatures and stamps include:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Identity Inspector
Additional signatures and stamps for Adobe PDF users


Select a signature or stamp to be used on a document, or create a new one.
Sign using your own Digital Certificate (X509) or certificate from other providers

Significant Client has a windows form interface that can be integrated with Delphi. The main Windows Form consists of several sections to allow you to easily specify the document to be signed, or to load a document as a parameter.
The Windows Form is designed to easily create new documents, or modify the current document to be signed.
The application has more than 1000 characters from which to create a signature.
The application can be used to create PDF documents that may have digital signatures.
The application is fully compatible with standard PDF (version 1.7) and Adobe Acrobat version 9.0 or higher.
Significant Client features a small memory footprint that allows the application to work in all Windows editions starting with Windows 95.
It features a modern and intuitive interface that allows the user to quickly specify the kind of signatures and stamps that need to be used in a document, and to select the certificate or certificates to be used.
Advanced Features:

Allow users to sign and stamp multiple documents using a single master key
Supports multiple authentication certificates and digital signatures
Supports the use of image stamps
Supports the use of certificates from other providers

Commercial and Free versions of the software exist.

Supports the use of standard and Adobe PDF certificates and digital signatures.


Commercial license: $29.95

Free version : $0

The free version allows you to create signatures and stamps.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP or higher
Windows Vista or higher
Windows Server 2003 or higher
Windows Server 2008 or higher

Significant Client 1.0.1 – first release of the commercial version.
Significant Client 1.0.2 – update that added support for the addition of password protected archives, and an option to turn off the Authentification panel in the Signing and Stamp options

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