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Virtual serial port card that enables end users to connect their Mac OSX machine to an embedded POS system through the serial port as well as other devices such as printers, scanners, wireless cards, and display adapters using a virtual COM port. KeyMACRO is a plug-in extension that makes using a Windows PC virtually a piece of cake.
KeyMACRO now supports Direct Memory Access (DMA) between the Mac OSX and Windows PC. Now anyone can use Mac OSX on the go, while still being able to use Windows PC in a very simple manner. Whether it is a personal laptop or an expensive business computer, all the user has to do is connect their Mac OSX machine using the built-in USB port to KeyMACRO using its super-duper dongle.
Next the user installs and runs the KeyMACRO software, and from there on it’s as easy as 123. Select the plug-in from the list of devices and click the ‘install’ button and the installation process begins. After which the KeyMACRO software creates a virtual COM port. Now all the user has to do is open the Mac OSX and connect the virtual COM port to the USB port. The user can now use the USB port to attach various devices including printers, scanners, wireless cards, display adapters and more.
KeyMACRO is like a Swiss Army Knife, it is built on the top of the new Windows Embedded POSReady 7 and it also works as an add-on to any POS application that you are already running.
– A virtual COM port for connecting the Mac OSX to a Windows PC.
– Supports using both the built-in USB port as well as a secondary (extended) USB port.
– Compatible with a Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.
– Works in both ‘COM’ or ‘Serial Port’ mode.
– Can be used with both 32 and 64 bit Windows versions.
– Uses an internal 32-bit or 64-bit PCI bus interface (depending on whether you use the included COM/Serial Port plug-in or not).
– Works in all versions of Mac OSX from 10.4 to 10.6.
– Does not use any additional hardware on the Mac side (computers running OSX 10.4 and below use an internal serial port, and computers running 10.5 and above use a USB to Serial adapter, for example)
– Very small: less than d82f892c90

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Keymacro is an application that makes it easy to edit your keyboard shortcuts in the OS X operating system. It also features an automatic recalculation of your keyboard shortcuts that are stored in the KeyBindings.plist file whenever you make any changes to your Keybindings.plist file. If you are using any third-party programs and want to have their shortcuts to appear in your new KeyBindings.plist file, simply export them as a new KeyBindings.plist file and then import them into Keymacro. For example, if you have TextMate, you can import the KeyBindings.plist file for it from within TextMate or just export it from TextMate and then import it into Keymacro using the menu bar’s option. Other good programs that support exporting their keybindings are Excel, Coda, iTerm2 and Finder.
What is new in this release:
Version 2.0.2
– Fixed the missing logic of a couple of keyboard shortcuts in the Keybindings.plist file after an update of the keyboard shortcuts table
– Fixed a couple of other issues that made some keyboard shortcuts not working properly
– Fixed a couple of bugs that had been causing the application to crash
– Now using the Carbon framework for Keymacro
What is new in version 2.0.0
– Changed the way shortcuts are stored in the Keybindings.plist file
– Added a new Keybindings.plist file template
– Added a full-blown Keybinding editor to help you create and manage your shortcuts
– Added a lot of new shortcuts such as text (capslock) and mouse cursor changes
– Added a lot of new keyboard shortcut actions
– Implemented the more advanced search feature
– Improved the interface and fixed some bugs
– Expanded the software version to include the changes I did for the new OS X 10.8
– Implemented a lot of new keyboard shortcuts and added many new actions for them
– Fixed some bugs
– Expanded the documentation section
What is new in version 1.9.2
– Fixed a bug that would cause an error if a file with the same name as the Keybindings.plist file would already exist
– Fixed some bugs and updated the application’s icon
– Added support for Resizing your windows
What is new in version 1.9.0
– You can now have different keyboard shortcuts for

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