Ahoy! Start Your Career As A Mariner Aboard A Tugboat

Did you know there are no classes required to begin your career aboard a tugboat? That’s right! Most companies require you hold the basic merchant mariner credential along with your Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) to step aboard a tug.

“Although the Coast Guard does not require any courses, we do recommend our Deckhand Orientation course especially to entry level mariners,” said Amanda Symonds, General Manager at Chesapeake Marine Training Institute (CMTI). “It’s a five day course teaching the mariner about transitioning from life on land to life on a tug in addition to a wealth of good to know information. It also includes a day of First Aid & CPR training, so the mariner will leave with a U.S. Coast Guard approved First Aid & CPR certificate as well.”

CMTI maintains relationships with some of the most well-known tugboat companies up and down the East Coast.

“While we don’t do job placement, we can help to refer our mariners to these companies because we have a good working relationship with them,” Symonds said.

Take some time to learn about these top tug companies below and then contact CMTI today to learn more about the Deckhand Orientation Course.

Vane Brothers: Serving the maritime industry for more than 100 years, Vane Brothers is compromised of seven divisions operating out of the ports of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville. Vane Brothers exemplifies a commitment to quality and excellence. Vane Brothers operates 50 tugs, over 70 barges and two freight boats ready to meet the ever-changing challenges of the maritime industry.

Moran Towing Corporation: This 150 year-old company is a leading provider of marine towing and transportation services. The company currently owns and operates 95 tugs and 30 barges. Moran operates within three primary areas of business: ship docking, LNG activities and general towing, marine transportation or petroleum and dry bulk products and contract towing and specialty towing.

McAllister Towing and Transportation: Celebrating 150 years in marine transportation, the company operates a fleet of more than 75 tugboats, crew boats and barges in 17 locations along the U.S. East Coast from Portland, ME to San Juan, PR. McAllister is engaged in ship docking (servicing more than 1,000 steamship companies), general harbor towing, coastal towing and bulk transportation.

Dann Marine Towing: Dann Marine Towing is a fifth generation family owned and operated tugboat company managing a fleet of 18 ocean going tugboats and inland push boats. The fleet operates on the U.S. East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and South America, as well as the Great Lakes. Qualified and professional crews staff each vessel.

Wilmington Tug, Inc.: Wilmington Tug Inc. has been owned and operated by the Rowland Family sine 1965. The owners have all been experienced docking pilots and this hands-on expertise has helped Wilmington Tug put together the most advanced tug fleet for ship assist work found in any port on the U.S. East Coast.

Norfolk Tug: Serving as a leader in the water transportation industry, Norfolk Tug maintains a robust fleet of near-coastal tugboats and deck barges and provides the capability to deliver products anywhere along the eastern seaboard. They apply smart business tools, listening to mariners and customers and working with dependable equipment to achieve the maximum productivity in transporting cargo. Norfolk Tug maintains a strong presence in the lower Chesapeake Bay.