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Download complete BT4 / BT5 / BT6 and older versions of most software from the Downloads section of the website to get all our fixes and updates for the product free.
The downloads are in zip format and are an easier to open, so you may wish to use a program such as WinZip to unzip them if you wish.
BT Watcher Pro Supports all major Windows and Linux operating systems:
Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 9 / 10 / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2
GNU / Linux / BSD / Solaris / OS X / FreeBsd / OpenBSD / Debian
BT Watcher Pro Features:
Quick Look
Edit, manage and rename duplicate files
Real time notification
Organize by date
Recover missing files and folders
Download from a remote location
Create a directory tree
File Search
Download specific file types
Customize your Search parameters
Open filenames directly
Search for text inside files
Edit filenames
Copy filepaths
Delay between retries
FTP support
Create and send a response to the user
Create your own server
View progress in percent
View download rate
View real time data transfer rate
Retrieve files from multiple mirrors simultaneously
Add a download pause between mirrors
Hide files to protect your privacy
Paste in the clipboard from the browser
What’s new in version 1.7:
Fixed bug that allowed non-signed code to be executed as signed code
It is now possible to download large files without requiring administrator access
What’s new in version 1.6:
Copy link addresses from Internet Explorer
You can now specify a random download server
You can now specify a random download server from your clipboard
Specify the download folder with a variable
You can now download multiple files at once
You can now download multiple files from one URL
You can now specify the download folder with a variable
Added the ability to send progress feedback to the user
Added ability to pause and resume a download
Fixed bug with FTP servers
What’s new in version 1.5:
Fixed a bug that prevented files larger than 2GB from being retrieved
Fixed a bug that caused occasional crashes
Fixed a bug that caused a crash on old versions of Windows
What’s new in version 1.4:
Fixed a bug that caused the file to download twice
What’s new in version 1.3 70238732e0

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You can also trigger a special text manipulation from the keyboard. Macros can be triggered via the keyboard’s Command key, or the sequence Ctrl+Option+Command+Macro. To establish a macro, choose Tools→Keymacs and enter the macro in the Macro text field. All text entered until the macro is finished is replaced with a Control-C. To execute the macro you have just defined, hit Command-Return.
To view a list of macro definitions, choose Tools→Keymacro and choose either Command-Tab to see all macros defined for the text areas of all open documents, or the Macro menu item to show the macros defined for the active document.
To cancel a macro, hit Command-C. Macros can not be invoked when they are triggered with the keyboard. If a macro is successfully triggered, it can be invoked later by pressing Control-Return.
A macro in the list can be invoked using the keyboard by using Control-Option-Command-Macro.
To record the command name of a macro in the list, hit the Return key while the mouse pointer is over a macro name.
The Macro dialog can be closed either by pressing the Esc key or by choosing Tools→Keymacro→Cancel. The list of macros and the Macro dialog are independent. In other words, the list is not cleared when the dialog is closed.
Macros can be accessed with the Help menu item, or with the Alt-Command-Macro key combination.
The following keyboard commands are available to Macros:
Command | Macros
· Control-Up Arrow | ˝Up˝, ˝Page Up˝
· Control-Down Arrow | ˝Down˝, ˝Page Down˝
· Return | ˝Execute˝
· Control-Delete | Delete
· Control-Home | ˝Move to Start of Line˝
· Control-End | ˝Move to End of Line˝
· Control-Page Up | ˝Move up a screenful of lines˝
· Control-Page Down | ˝Move down a screenful of lines˝
· Control-A | ˝Go to the Start of the current line˝
· Control-E | ˝Go to the End of the current line˝
· Control-K | ˝Go to the Start of the current line˝
· Control-


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